New Trailer for DCUO Batcave: Inner Sanctum Raid

Bruce Wayne is a man of many secrets, and most of them are stored in his supercomputer in the underground Batcave. Unfortunately, the mad computer system Brother Eye is seeking to use the same supercomputer as a nexus point for sending signals around the world, none of which include updating its Facebook page or sending spam e-mail.

No, Brother Eye has a global agenda and DC Universe Online players will have to unplug the dastardly scheme afoot. Sony Online Entertainment has released the new video above, which shows off the hectic encounters to be had in Batcave: Inner Sanctum, the latest group combat raid to be added in the brand new superhero MMO.

The minute-and-a-half trailer reveals the three boss encounters in Batcave: Inner Sanctum. First is ARC, which unleashes knockback whirlwinds and summons powerful adds. Second is Zetta-Drone who likes to spin around and wreak area-wide havoc. And finally Brother Eye who throws a punishing array of laser and eye beam attacks, making the encounter more of a survival fight than the usual tank-and-spank.

Feel free to rewatch the new trailer for DCUO Batcave: Inner Sanctum raid to get a feel of the action, and maybe even pick up a pro tip or two before your first attempt.