No AoC for You!

After hearing how everyone has been loving AoC, reading some reviews and receiving my latest issue of PCGamer with AoC slapped on the cover I decided I had waited long enough. I got into my car and decided to head to the nearest Gamestop, which didn’t have it. No biggie, there’s another one close by. Again they were sold out. I then tried Bestbuy who I thought would definitely have it, I mean there huge, but alas they did not, also sold out. At this point I decided to call it a day and headed home defeated.

Today however I feel like giving it another shot. So I am currently on my way to another Bestbuy which is about 40 mins away, but the travel time is a small price to pay for MMO gaming goodness. I checked online and it says they have some in-stock, but with those online checkers you never know. I already picked up a 3 month game card when I was out yesterday, so I just need the game and I’ll be ready to go. Seriously you’d think this was a Mario or Halo game I was trying to get. Wish me luck.

UPDATE: I just got back and am happy to say I finally found a store that had some in-stock and all it took was  2 days, 3 Gamespots, 2 Bestbuys and 1 EBGames to finally get a copy.  I actually got lucky cause the EBGames that had it literally just got a shipment, the games weren’t even on the shelves yet but in the delivery box.

Anyway, I’m installing the game right now then I’ll probably have to download some massive update, so only a few more hrs.


  1. All my local GameStops and Best Buys are sold out as well… maybe you should try and off-beat store like Circuit City or something? Never expected Age of Conan to be sold out.

  2. Geoff has the right idea.

    My parents got a PS3 (for the blu ray) at Target a couple days after launch. Just walked in , saw a bunch there and said, might as well get it now.

    I did the same thing when i got my Wii. I was in no hurry, only wanteed and still have only bought Mario kart and smash bros. But i got it a week after launch when i found a stack of them in some random store. I was so amazed. I was thinking it was just for display.

  3. Call Walmart… I’m sure they have tons of copies. That’s where I found my copy of WoW, when everyone else was sold out.

  4. @Snafzg:

    I’m not so sure Walmart carries AoC because it has a Mature rating. Walmart is pretty picky about that sort of thing.

  5. Not sure if calling will do any good. I did that when I tried to get a copy myself. I called Best Buy who told me they had plenty, then when I went there, I got the typical “I don’t know who told you that but we have been sold out for a while”. Circuit City didn’t have any, but I ended up going to EB Games across the street to get it, and they only had four copies left, and I took two of them (one for me, one for my wife).

  6. Grats on the find…
    Wish I would have ordered an extra copy from Circuit City about 2 weeks ago..
    They had it for 39.99
    Had the wife trial the game, and she was hooked, and I am hooked…and it is all goodness….and yummy
    With cream filling, and…


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