Of MMOs and Girlfriends

There are two major pulling factors in my life right now (outside of work): my girlfriend and videogames. I may just be a sucker for pretty eyes, but when it comes down to it my girlfriend always comes first. If she wants to watch a movie and I want to play a game we will watch a movie. Call me a romantic if you must, but I would rather spend more time with her than a videogame. Come to think of it that is probably why she puts up with my gaming so much. She knows that she comes first and that it works out.

Unfortunately, not all couples are like my girlfriend and I. Many relationships have broken apart because of videogames, namely MMORPGs. Of course, it’s not always as simple as “put your girlfriend first.” Some people just don’t like videogames and if you are in a relationship with that type of person then you are definitely going to have an uphill battle in managing the two of them. It just so happens that my girlfriend is also a gamer, she just didn’t realize it until we met.

Believe it or not, a lot of girls do enjoy gaming. Some more than others, obviously (not everybody is going to take to videogames, guys included), but, in general, most people can find some sort of enjoyment out of them. When my girlfriend and I first started dating she only liked playing word games and Tetris. Now, however, we play all sorts of games together, including Pirates of the Burning Sea. Hell, she is even a higher rank than me! The trick was playing the games with her and making it a cooperative effort. Games are typically more fun with your friends and the same holds true with your girlfriend.

Bottomline, if you really like your MMOs then your chances of having a stable relationship are probably going to depend on your girlfriend’s willingness to accept, and maybe even participate in them. I’m not advocating putting your games before your girlfriend, but I also won’t advocate you giving up your favorite hobby for a girl either. Like most things in a relationship, compromise is the key to success. Even in videogames…

Oh and wear deodorant.

P.S. The girl photo’d is not my girlfriend.


  1. I am a girl and I play MMORPGs! lol… I love rpgs ever since I was a kid and been loving it ever since. Not much girls are willing to play games because they think it’s boring which is so untrue! If I have money to buy game consoles, my room is probably packed with ps3, xbox360 and nintendo wii -.-

  2. My wife actually loves MMORPG’s and video gaming in general. Believe it or not, she likes Hellgate: London more than I do (not talking about the gameplay so much as the setting.) She’s been playing WoW for almost two years and we are constantly gaming together. It actually works out really well since most of our hobbies coincide, bordering on gaming too much ;)

  3. Well I’m a girla nd I play mmo’s a lot, right now I’m playing Cabal and well it has been the first time I’ve made a guild and had a lot of memebers in it, I’ve developed game buddy relashioships, I do think that online relations affect ur offline ones since u spend more time infront of ur computer than outside with ur friends and familly, but at least for me I try to have a balance, I love the ciber world and the game world plus I’m really social so mmo’s fit me nicely but i would never consider having a romantic online relationship with anyone because of the distance, if I dont; feel or see the person than it’s not something I can get emotionally attached to :)
    I’m just there for the fun and company :P

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