Official Video: Cataclysm Zone Changes

Blizzard didn’t just send fan sites home with enough new details in their heads to write a novella on the upcoming expansion, they included a really nifty video, too. Now the rest of you can get a peek at what all the alpha players (and alpha hackers) have been drooling over the past couple of months. Zones shown include Azshara, Thousand Needles, Desolace, The Barrens, Orgrimmar, and Stormwind. I won’t keep you any longer. Just watch. And after you’re done you can tell us, on a scale of “Morning Dew” to “BP Oil Spill”, how wet your pants are in the comments section (pictures welcome)!


  1. I have to admit they’re only probably around a splash yourself at a restaurant bathroom sink, but no way near enough to make you attempt (and of course have naturally fail) the classic blow-dry-it-off routine.
    They don’t look that epic, and I feel there really needs a Blizzard soundtrack put to it, rather than have it as boring silent slide show. I also am not that excited by just a sweeping camera, since I want to see and explore it myself, with all the quests and stuff to do.
    Is it enough to excite anyone above an accidentally wear your jeans into the shower and then realise a second after you turn it on, or do most other people feel closer to a nasty old woman spitting at you and it landing below the belt?

  2. …dude, I, REALLY, can’t contemplate any saying your saying whatsoever.

    But, what I’m vaugley hearing is that your not as impressed as you thought you’d be. Well, for the start, this is alpha, so don’t expect everything to be finished.

    Second, it all looks F#^@# Awesome so far. It’s All a Big change, and once the final product is pushed, you should make your make judgment at that point.

  3. Haha, I was trying to use the pant wetness analogy that Amatera suggested, but it’s not that I’m not impressed, it all looks great, it’s just that the content doesn’t get me excited in it’s current form. The way it was presented there seemed rather bland, and though I do really want to explore these areas and play cataclysm, this video did not increase my excitement.

  4. I don’t know about you guys but I’ve waited 5 years to see Stormwind from the air. It looks amazing and I CANNOT wait till Cataclysm comes out! This also urges me to go and find any quests that I haven’t done and finish them before they potentially change or go away! The Lorewhore completionist in me is tugging at my sleeve, saying go go go!

  5. Ah, well remember, this stuff was only presented from alpha out of NDA as a press conference gift package. So it’s not “Officially” from blizz, like a trailer.

    I sure wish I coulda seen those new raid zones you guys were talking about though. They’ve got me sooooo excited.

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