One Mythos Please… MMO Sized!

The crazy bastards did it! I don’t know why they decided to do what they did but the brilliant minds behind the charmingly free2play MORPG Mythos has decided to tack on another M to that acronym and fully realize it as a true MMORPG. That’s right, as of last week, Flagship Studios released unto their test server their newest incarnation that is headed towards the once fully instanced game, that is a persistent world dubbed the “Overworld”.

For those that have yet to play Mythos or even hear about it, the game is being developed by some of the same people who brought you Diablo 2. As such it plays much like it; point top move, right click to use a skill, left click to attack, massive amounts of loot, etc. Up until last week, the rpesentation of the game was much the same, you and a few friends party up in the town (usually StoneHill) and take off into an instanced zone on your way to whatever quest you were on. It was a simple straight forward method, but it was also one that worked fairly well. Well apparently the developers disagreed.

While not yet available on the actual server, those players whose curiosity needs to be peeked can find that if they head on over to the test server they can experience Mythos ala World of Warcrat style. That is to say, you can go anywhere and do anything with anybody at anytime. For those of you who are fearing that this game will become yet another WoW-clone now that it has lost much of it’s past identity, don’t worry, while the presentation may be completely disheveled the core gameplay is still much the same. Lots of baddies, lots of flashy skills, and lots of loot await you in Mythos just like before. The only difference is now it’s all in one big persistent world. It’s all very exciting stuff!


  1. Ayup… I got some time in on Test earlier. It’s a whole new game. And now one I’m very confident will be very successful.

  2. Man…time to load up again eh?
    Always ready for a freebie…and I enjoyed this a bit when I tried it…but the view killed me…
    Heard from Tipa that has been rectified tho’


  3. For the last few patches they have been trying things out with different camera systems. Its still not quite spot on, but getting better. Right now though most still use the original camera in the dungeons though.

    What i like is the proposed “Ingot” system. The way they intend to turn a profit. You will be able to but “Ingots” (or whatever they end up calling them) for real money.

    Form the forums:
    “…Instead, we will sell things that only enhance your ability to go out and find the loot yourself. Additionally the Ingots will buy cosmetic items like crazy hairstyles, account enhancements, guild items, and that sort of thing. We do NOT want to create a split community between haves and have-nots…”

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