Otherland – Early Access?!

ss_71cb5792b316dd5f6ea52faa4fc8446488fed45fOtherland … quite some time ago, I wrote this intriguing looking game off. Otherland … Vaporland … it seemed like it had been abandoned. But apparently I was wrong! Otherland has made a reappearance, and will be opening its doors for Early Access next week!  Based on the novels by Tad Williams, this MMO boasts extreme character customization, extensive crafting, personal and clan based housing, and one thing that has my ears perked up – cloning! That’s right, another game where I can run around stealing DNA and creating clones! Mua hahaha. Where do I sign up?

It’ll be hitting steam early access on August 26.

I really want an airship too.

The usual lineup for more information: Facebook, Steam Page, Official Page.


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