Overflow servers save Guild Wars 2 launch from complete disaster

I’d like to meet the developer/s who thought up of the overflow server queue solution and shake their hands. ArenaNet, give that guy/gal or team a massive raise because they completely saved your launch from complete and utter disaster. From queues to crashes to disconnects, I probably would have been logged in for a grand total of one-two hours this past weekend if it wasn’t for the overflow servers.

My first login came Saturday early afternoon and soon the crashes began.  After about a 40 min wait on the overflow server I final came up in the queue and was taken to the Gates of Madness server where I instantly tried logging into World vs World. Unfortunately I was hit with a second queue and had to wait another 30 mins before I finally got in, only to crash to my desktop about 10 mins into it.

Ugh, back in the overflow queue, waited 45 mins to get back to Gates of Madness, got lucky this time and only had to wait 20 min for WvW, but again 5 mins into it I crashed again. I think you’re getting the picture.

After that I gave up on WvW and for the next two hours just worked on the PvE part of the game, where again I spent the majority of my time on the overflow server as crashes continued ever 30-60 mins. I think I was on the actual server for maybe 60 mins on Saturday.

Fastforward to Sunday where it seems ArenaNet was able to fix the crashing issues, but queue times were even longer. I think it took about a hour to get off the overflow server and another 60 mins to get into World vs World.

All in all, aside from not being able to get into WvW on Saturday due to the crashes, I enjoyed my time with GW2 this weekend. Had it not been for the overflow servers, this would have been a very different post. I’m scared for tomorrow’s queue times. Might be a few days before I get back into WvW.



  1. Sounds like my expreience too.

    Loving the game so far, but spend 90% of my time on the Desolation overflow server.
    Wait times for WvW are even longer, though I MAY have found a way to get around that…
    More experimentation is needed methinks.

  2. “Ugh, back in the overflow queue, waited 45 mins to get back to Gates of Madness, got lucky this time and only had to wait 20 min for WvW…”

    Did you really notice a sifference between overflow server and the actual server? I mean you didnt literally just sit there did you while everyone else was PvEing gaining skill points and exp in the overflow servers which are exactly like the regular zones in every way? Another over dramatic post by Mike.

  3. @coppertopper No of course I wasn’t just sitting there, like I said I was doing PvE. As the article title states the “overflow servers saved” the GW2 launch. This post was meant to show how great the overflow servers were and how horrible it would have been if they weren’t there.

  4. Ok, you’re trying to make a failure as if it’s a success. Here’s what happened.

    Me and my 10 guildmates bought the game, and was ready to level up together on the launch day. And just because of this “overflow” feature none of us could see eachother even if we’re at the same party.

    But then again we were all able to see other players around us while we’re at the overflow. Only not our friends.

    So the solution to this frustration is simple. Put everyone in a guild in the same overflow server! I can’t believe ArenaNet didn’t think of it. What’s the point of being on the same server when you can’t party up with your fellow friends?

    Just think.

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