Paladin Preview Moves Up

Undoubtedly, some Paladin players out there felt left out in the cold when they realized their class preview would be coming last, and about a week later than the rest of them. Of course, since when has Blizzard ever let their favorite class go unappreciated? And besides that, if they were so “deep into development” they couldn’t release information last week, has all that much changed since then?

Well, whether they’re better prepared to give us the goods than they thought or they’re willing to throw Paladins a bone, Blizzard’s given us a new date for the final preview: tomorrow. Yes, April 14th, a full two days ahead of schedule! Don’t believe me? Just listen to Wryxian:

We appreciate all of our pink champions waiting just a bit longer to get their preview. While we had initially announced that we were planning to post the Paladin preview on Friday, April 16 we’re unfortunately not going to be able to release the preview on that date.

Instead it will be posted Wednesday, April 14!

Since it’s the only class preview of the day, we’re not sure precisely at what time it will appear, but all bets seem to be placing it at a reasonable time for the Western hemisphere. Whenever it pops, Lore Hound will keep you posted.