Patch 4.0.1, Stage 1 Now on Background Downloader

I hope this hype train has a sleeper car, because this download is going to take all night.

If you haven’t heard by now, the very first part of Patch 4.0.1 is now on Blizzard’s Background Downloader. It’s a hefty child, though, at a stout 1.58 gbs. For a “non-content” patch (which is likely be 4.0.3), that’s a bit of a doozy. There’s no telling how many more sections we’ll have to download in the future, but hopefully this one contains the bulk of the update and the rest will either be smaller or “activator” patches that basically tell the game it’s alright to turn on all the changes.

Regardless, this is very good news. If you want to experience what 4.0.1 has to offer right now, which is primarily class, talent, and UI changes, it’s on the Patch Test Realm. Character copy queues seem to have eased up a bit, and even if that doesn’t work, you’re still able to create brand new characters to run around with. Or you could just check out Mordil’s sweet video outlining many of the new features and forgo the lengthy download process altogether.

But it also means that 4.0.1 isn’t far from going live, and if it isn’t far from going live, that means 4.0.3 isn’t far from going live, which means Cataclysm is practically on our collective doorstep!


  1. And the “Stating The Obvious” Award goes too…

    Hah, I kid because I care (but no hugs). We should expect to see a few more big patches, and a few small one soon. By the end of November, i’m sure well all have a pretty red box to tear open and blow up our game soon enough.

    Yes I said the End of November. I know you all think different, but come On. If blizz doesn’t give out there release date before blizzcon, I doubt there only gonna give people a Few day’s in advance to prepare for and expansion.

  2. That was the first part of the patch which Blizzard put up several weeks ago. If you’re just now running the downloader, it’s probably downloading the entire thing.

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