Patch v4.0.1: I Am So Freaking Lost

I know what you're thinking: "Four months made him this n00b?"

Feeling completely lost in a game for me is very rare occurrence.  I’ve been playing these digital distractions for so long that I’ve been around for the birth of genres, selected a party in the console wars and watched them morph from beeps and bloops to epic sagas.  Generally, I can rely on previous experience to get me through any challenge a title may throw at me. I feel safe, secure in my past lives. Most of the time.

The MMOG sector is a different beast.  It’s a constantly moving target, with radically changing tastes and expectations from one day to the next.  What’s worse, is that these massive adjustments to the industry itself can happen to a specific title at any moment.  Expansions, a “New Game Experience,” even a content patch can flip a virtual world on its head, spinning it topwise.

For instance, World of Warcraft is going through yet-another-dramatic change as Blizzard prepares for Cataclysm.  Patch v4.0.1 revamped the core mechanics of entire classes, produced talent trees that are incompatible with previous thinking, changed the way the economy works, added a new armor mechanic, incorporated technological and user interface changes and juiced guilds.  It’s no wonder that everyone is scrambling for information, or worse, fear logging in out of ineptitude.

I’m the later of that category, because, like Mordil and Amatera, I haven’t seriously played World of Warcraft since I left for E3 2010.  That’s over four months ago.  Four months which I used to focus on other games, other parts of my life and things unrelated to World of Warcraft.  There was a reason I wasn’t invited to the WoWcast!

My lack of knowledge enables us to do something incredibly odd.  Something so earth shattering that the entire Internet may come crashing down. I, a former hardcore WoW player and blogger, want the community to teach me.  Here are my completely uninformed, un-researched PvE talent specs for my dagger-based rogue and holy priest.  How bad are these level 85 specs, exactly? Please, be gentle.

I haven’t bothered to login yet, so both toons are still tabula rasa.


  1. Can’t help you with your rogue, but here is your holy priest spec.

    You were pretty close, but with some of the changes divine fury becomes more favorable since chakra is heal (spell) centric. PW:S isn’t a very key spell, so I moved points out of it in favor of the 3% spell haste from the shadow tree. Switched some glyphs around.

    Also, the tabula rasa joke made me die laughing inside.

  2. I cant help you with the specs and stuff but I can be as confused as you are. My hunter has flipped upside down and rammed himself on top of the pike that Onyxia’s head usually sits on. I’m so not used to using something that is like a rogues energy bar. Other then that im impressed with 4.0.1

  3. While Barugaara’s spec seems fairly solid, I’d just change one point.

    I’d take one point from Mental Agility and get Lightwell instead. Now, before someone says something like “lollightwelllol”, let me make this clear: Lightwell will be srs bsnz in Cataclysm. I’m in the beta and one of the major issues healers are going through is mana conservation. Lightwell provides lots of healing for a low cost. Actually, Lightwell is quite OP imo.

    4.0.1. is more like a preparation for Cata, so I’d rather start playing the way I will play for the next year or so.

  4. Lightwell was a considerable amount or our holy priest’s healing last night on fights with constant raid dmg. I suggest training your raid to click it when needed since it no longer deselects your target

  5. I actually agree with Carlos, I just left lightwell because it is universally unaccepted. However, I would leave the point in mental agility, and take the point out of test of faith.

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