PAX East 2010: Fallen Earth Mobile Application Live Demo

WoW Armory? Pssh. Mobile Auction House? Already old news. While other developers have been busy publishing basic push content on handheld devices, the people behind post-apocalyptic MMORPG Fallen Earth are allowing you near-full, real-time access to your characters right from your iPhone! Want to check in with your guild? Feel like working on some crafting skills while you’re waiting in line at the DMV? Maybe your OCD is just compelling you to re-arrange your bags at work? Yes, Lore Hounds, there is an app for that (and it’s really only the start of what this thing can do)!

Our very own iTZKooPA got to sit down with one of the game’s Project Managers (the mysterious and dashing “Dave”) at this weekend’s PAX East event to talk about the application and get an extensive live demo of its various capabilities. Even if you don’t currently play Fallen Earth (hint: you should), this is a seriously cool piece of software and something that every other major MMO developer should take note of. Check out the video below, we know it’ll wow you:

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