PAX East 2011: Blizzcon Costume Contest Winner Christina Estrada

So what do you do after winning one of the most prestigious prizesin hobbyist costuming? Apparently, you take a trip to PAX East. You may not know her name, but if you followed Blizzcon at all last year, then you probably know her outfit. Christina walked away with first place for her classy take on the Diablo III Monk, and also placed amongst the finalists the two years previous.

In the time since, she’s been partnering with Cryptozoic Entertainment at various events, promoting the World of Warcraft TCG and demonstrating to new players just how it’s supposed to work. iTZKooPA managed to pull Christina away from the game tables for a minute to catch up and examine the finer details of her craftsmanship in person. You can, too, by watching the short piece below: