PAX East 2011: FireFall Developer Interview

The last time iTZKooPA played a third-person shooter melded in to the MMOG form he didn’t come up for air for months. Not only did Global Agenda take him away from the likes of World of Warcraft, but his turtleness was pulled away from console and PC gaming to boot. Now Red 5 Studios, a company founded by numerous ex-Blizzard employees, is tossing its hat in the ring F2P ring with FireFall, a third-person science fiction shooter.

The cliff-diving turtle caught up with Mark Kern, the “God” of Red 5 Studios, to pick apart the cel-shaded title. FireFall will feature a handful of classes, easily rotated between by changing exoskeleton suits, dynamic events for PvP and PvE, an army (guild) progression system and assaults.

Why wouldn’t you want to shoot people in the face and then rain death from the sky? Plus, it’s gonna be free-to-play, with development driven by a typical sounding item shop! Sign up for beta here, and tell em iTZKooPA sent you.