PAX East 2011: Orcs Must Die Developer Interview

Our Day 2 coverage concludes with a demo of Orcs Must Die. Though not an MMO, it is an RPG… and a third-person shooter… and a tower-defense game… and a whole lot of other things. No matter how you want to classify it, it sounds like the most exciting mixture since somebody decided that peanut butter tasted good with a spot of jelly. Heck, I know it’s a long shot, but some of you out there might even understand when I compare the gameplay to a more action-packed version of Tecmo’s Deception seriesĀ (and how shameful it is that more games haven’t followed in its footsteps).

What it all boils down to is defending your territory from the green-skinned hordes by any means necessary — a vast combination of weapons, magical spells, and traps. Tower Defense veterans will recognize typical enemy varieties (normal, fast, flying, etc.), but Orcs Must Die affords both you and the baddies a greater degree of movement, as well as physics-based gameplay that encourages experimentation.

Check out iTZKooPA’s interview with Producer Chris Rippy of Robot Entertainment, as well as some off-screen footage of the game in action below:

Orcs Must Die is set to release later this Spring/Summer via both PC and console Digital Distribution channels.


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