PAX East 2012: DDO: Menace of the Underdark Druid & Epic Levels Interview

We’re back with a second interview with Dungeons & Dragons Online Executive Producer, Fernando Paiz, from Pax East 2012, this time talking to him about the new Druid class.

DDO’s first expansion, Menance of the Underdark, is launching on June 25th and with it comes the new Druid class, which we got to see in action during our interview and learned a little more about it.

The Druid class has the Wild-Shape ability which allows for the character to take three basic forms, wolf (melee/DPS), bear (tank) and elemental form (fire or water), with each form having different versions of itself. For example as you level, you can open up “Winter Wolf” or “Dire Bear”, which  provide different abilities or spells to the player.  Each alternate version also has its own skill tree-line, with 6 lines all together to start, but possibly more versions down the road.

We also find out a little more about the new Epic Levels and Epic Destinies which allows players to level from 20 – 25, as well as complete multiple Epic Destinies, not just their class Destiny. Check out the full DDO  Druid class interview below.