PAX Prime ’10: Dungeons and Dragons Online Update 7

I swear it was just yesterday, in the dawning hours of Lore Hound, that we couldn’t get enough of Update 4. Now we’re already on Update 7?! If there’s one thing you can say about Dungeons and Dragons Online, it’s not that the game is lacking in content. But don’t think that Turbine is just churning all this junk out on an assembly line or something. Quite the opposite. In fact, Update 7 is the largest one they’ve implemented yet since taking over the franchise.

Two new races (or should I say… half-races)? DX11 implementation? New raid and adventure pack (the latter of which happens to be free)? And, knowing how much players love convenience, a massive upgrade to the UI and Auction House.

Reluctant to give an exact date, Turbine does admit that the content patch will be available sometime in October. Until then, check out our preview video…

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