PAX Prime ’10: Fallen Earth – Past, Present & Future

Game developers sure know how to stir up a community.  All a company has to do to get its already excitable fanbase to froth at the mouth, come out at weird hours and basically act rabid, is to announce major changes to combat.  Even if the changes are meant to correct combat issues like responsiveness and consistency, as in the case of Fallen Earth, the general population will be shocked into rage or unbreakable silence at hearing the news.

iTZKooPA brought up the hot button issue as part of his PAX Prime 2010 powwow with Marie Croall, Senior Game Design for Fallen Earth.  She revealed that the combat changes began back in the Blood Sports patch, although unannounced.  Icarus will start to drastically alter combat as we know it in patch v1.7.  In this video, Croall and iTZKooPA also discuss the just-started anniversary festivities, further character customization, Progress Towns, the just released Premium Mobile Application and more.