PAX Prime 2010: Caption This! Lore Hounds On The Town Results

Unlike the results for the first caption contest, this one wasn’t even close. Our winner took the extra time to discover Mordil and I’s newfound addiction, while managing to make each of us laugh out loud.  Sexual innuendo, a motif I expected a lot of given the subject material, was avoided for a more wholesome topic.  Well, as long as you consider destruction of private property and theft wholesome.

That’s right, the unanimous winner was Luanmali, with the first entry:

“Can you believe we actually found ‘Brave Firefighters’?”
“Go get some bolt cutters. I want souvenirs.”

There was no tie for second this time, but other contestants brought the lawlz with a reference to Ghost Busters, creative sexual innuendos and randomness.

Luanmail scored a copy of Fallen Earth with 30-days free, some DDO/LotRO points and if located in the United States, some physical SWAG as well.

Keep up the good work, and stay tuned for the third, and final, PAX Prime 2010 caption contest coming on Monday!  It’ll have the best SWAG yet, including a highly sought after League of Legends Singed Skin, a chance for more physical goodies in the form of a WoW loot card and another entire game.


  1. Oh wow… Joining the contest was an on-a-whim decision, because I was bored at the time. Never thought I would actually win it. Thanks!

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