PAX Prime 2010: Caption This! The Finale Results

Mordil and Stormkiller must have plotted my untimely demise together.  Stormkiller, popularly known as the “Yawning Ferret,” has captured his second contest crown thanks to his witty inclusion of the DS/Wii franchise Trauma Center.  The caption was such a complete 180 to the expected jargon that it caught us all by surprise, pulling a unanimous victory.

However, Stormkiller apparently does not want to reap the rewards. In lieu of going to the second place finisher, we’ve decided to let Stormkiller name the award winner, although Stormkiller will go down in the records books as wearing the official crown.  Stormkiller’s choice will receive a copy of Fallen Earth, the difficult-to-find Riot Singed skin, a beta key to a Trion Worlds game, a WoW loot card and more.

All you other contestants better start grovelling or bribing Stormkiller.

That’s it for the PAX Prime 2010 contests, but we’ll have more from the show and more contests up in no time.  Actually, I did an impromptu contest this morning for another copy of Fallen Earth.

BlizzCon SWAG contest you ask? Shazbot! That sounds like a good idea!


  1. Stormkiller definitely deserved to win. After I saw his comment I was fairly certain it would be him winning. So congratz and also congratz to the guy who eventually gets it.

    -btw this isn’t me grovelling, since even though I don’t think I was 2nd funniest anyway, I don’t want the prize, since I doubt I could use it: I don’t really have much time, now I’m a student, and since I’m in Uni accommodation the internet isn’t mine, and they block MMOs and Xbox live.

  2. One of the reasons i deferred the lootz, is because I’m from the UK, and not really sure whether a lot of the stuff would work over here. And I have already co-won another competition here.

    Anyways, All the entries were great, but one entry made me laugh a little more.

    So, Gratz to Wandorf.

  3. @Phanttas
    I don’t understand how people let Unis get away with throttling or killing MMOG/PSN/XBL. If it’s a company and you work there it’s understandable. But YOU pay THEM to LIVE there, so you should get all the things that someone would get when renting a place, like unrestricted internet.

    My school tried to do something like that when I was a sophomore. Fires were lit.

    Loots will be sent to Wandorf. Tough to decide isn’t it?

  4. Oh wow! Thanks! ITZkoopa talked with me today on the way to get our Blizzcon tickets and told me that you chose me to win, I completely forgot to check back and see who you picked!

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