PAX Prime 2010: Caption This! The Finale

Want some free SWAG?  Good, here’s your chance to earn it.  Calm down, this contest isn’t as complicated or challenging as our E3 contest.  The reward for winning will still be enticing.  It just won’t arrive in a large box as part of a menagerie of items.

The task is simple.  That picture, that one up there ^^, is without a caption.  Your duty, should you chose to accept it, is to leave a comment with the best caption you can come up with (be sure to use a real e-mail address!).  It can be inventive, witty, eyebrow-raising or unusual.  Whatever gets the Lore Hounds to react will be deemed the winner.

A little background information:  We’re hanging with a Trion Worlds booth babe showcasing Rift: Planes of Telara.

Most of the rewards for winning The Finale will be digital, so everyone should enter.  If you’re outside of the United States, you’ll forfeit the physical prize(s).  Fear not, the major prize does not need shipping.  As far as I know, there are no region restrictions on the digital SWAG.  Loot includes a highly sought after League of Legends Singed Skin, another entire MMOG, a Rift comic and a WoW loot card.

Your mission starts now.  You have four days (October  7) before time runs out.
/me lights fuse, runs.


  1. iTZKooPA- *I bet she’s never been asked to pose like his before*
    Booth Babe- *I’ve had enough of these masochistic geeks…*
    Mordil- *Stabby, stabby, stabby!*

  2. Booth Babe: “You two go ahead and duel to the death, whoever wins gets to take me to dinner.”
    Mordil: “DIE!”
    Booth Babe: “Dance my minions! DANCE!”

  3. Itzkoopa: “So you say that if we pierce my chest with this dagger, Cataclysm will come?”
    Boothbabe: “Sure…”
    Mordil: “Cool!”

  4. no no no, you’ve got it all wrong. The clue is in the name, BACKstab…

    And please disregard all my entries. i’m only in it for the fun. :)

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