PAX Prime 2010: Photos (Day 1)

For those who cannot survive without PAX Prime content: Never fear. Mordil has saved the day by living near PAX, and having nothing better to do but upload photos after a day at the convention.

Some of you may not follow iTZKooPA on twitter, but apparently there were some difficulties with getting the videos posted ASAP. I, however, was invited to tag along and snap a few photos. Star Wars: The Old Republic, Guild Wars 2, Final Fantasy XIV, AION, Force Unleashed II, HALO: Reach, Back to the Future (great scott, Telltale Games, great scott), and much more await you past the jump!

Do note that this is only a portion of what I took, and that the rest will be used as we continue our coverage of PAX 10.

I will not be there, unfortunately, to take photos on Day 3. Hope you guys enjoy the sights! I know I did. Oh, and don’t forget to check out our extensive video coverage of the event once, you know, all the kinks get sorted out!


  1. Looks like you guys are having a great time :). Hope the kinks get worked out!

    Also, koopa, it looks like you enjoyed posing with that cosplayer a little toooo much ;)

  2. dudes, i want a Lore Hound t-shirt! please tell me that you guys are going to be selling them soon. cus i would so rock that.

  3. @pixiestixy
    I dunno, it looks like she’s enjoying standing next to him WAY more. Look at her giant grin and him in his dashing outfit. I loved the E3 coverage for being real interviews, not fluff. Look forward to more of the same from PAX.

  4. Oh, and are there going to be any SWAG contents? I need to not be lazy and enter this one, even if it is difficult.

  5. Yes, both I, and Koopa enjoyed posing with the booth babes :)

    Yes, there will be PAX Swag contests; more info in a day or two.

    It’s all real, down ‘n dirty, legit interviews here at Lorehound. We have a ton of video footage taken. Everyone is going to enjoy this PAX the most.


  6. Looks like I have to tone down Mr. Koopa’s handsome-ness, yes he does look a little too happy to be posing next to veiny lady! as discussed t-shirts possibly to follow soon! see you soon Mr.Koopa.

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