LoreHound Exclusive: Christina Sims Demos Penny Arcade Rumble in R’lyeh

Penny Arcade has entered the general pop culture realm of popularity and overall success. The mainstream may not be entirely aware of it yet, but it’s the truth. The formerly small following of video game nerds has exploded to cover all sorts of geeky media, from card to board and casual games. The two-man operation is now one of the most powerful, pervasive and certainly the most accessible in the industry.

It’s become so omnipresent that the comic has spawned its own line of entertainment products, encompassing video games and board games. iTZKooPA got to check out the latest from Cryptozoic, Penny Arcade: The Game – Rumble in R’lyeh. Christina Sims showed off the basic deck-building gameplay, explained what R’lyeh, a stand-alone expansion, adds to the franchise and a few of her personal favorite comic strips that have become cards.

Nipplecrabs. Need we say more?

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