Perfect World Entertainment News

Here we come again with a little pack of news, related to the Perfect World Entertainment games Forsaken World and Perfect World International. PWE is an important MMO publisher and developer, having several popular one in its ranks. Follow me after the jump, to have a look at what’s new in two of its games.

Forsaken World

Currently in closed beta phase 1, this upcoming MMO plans to start the next beta phase next November 24. By then, the level cap will raise to 40, unlocking many new dungeons, professions, quests and more content. All beta phase 1 participants have an access granted to next phase, the rest will be chosen randomly by email. During this betas, PWE plans to do regular giveaways and contests, so pay attention to the game’s website, maybe you’ll be gifted with a nice surprise.

Perfect World International

The new Earthguard Seeker class is the main thing about PWI now. This new melee class, offers the opportunity of enjoying a powerful warrior, with his huge two handed sword. Disciplined and methodical, these restless fighters become the earthen champions of PWI.

The abilities of Earthguard Seekers are still in development, but we already know they will have several attack stances, can cast afflictions and are able to use a ranged attack called Blade Blastwave, swinging the massive claymores they wield in sync with the natural vibrations of the Earth. For more information, visit the PWI website.

As always, Perfect World Entertainment takes care of its games, not letting them fall into the it’s-already-done-so-let-it-be pit. We’ll tell you more about Forsaken World, Perfect World International and other PWE MMOs, here, on MMOCrunch.