Pirates of the Burning Sea: New Lighting System for Power and Prestige Expansion


Flying Lab Software’s Pirates of the Burning Sea released a bit of news concerning the new lighting system it will be implementing in the upcoming Power and Prestige expansion.

Flying Lab thought that the old system lacked certain graphical details that have become standard in most high-end MMOs and sought to change this.

The new lighting system seems to be top notch as author JoeMan states “the result is avatar lighting that reacts to what’s around in the environment. If an avatar is standing with their back to a bright yellow wall, you’ll actually see some of that light bouncing off the wall onto the character. If an avatar moves into a shaded area, you’ll see the sunlight fade out.”

The lighting in the Power and Prestige expansion pack certainly looks like a keen addition to the graphics in Pirates and shows Flying Lab’s commitment to detail and bringing a polished product to its audience. You can see the new system in action with the launch of the update in early August.

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