Pockie Ninja: Chap 3 Details Revealed

Details of the next massive update to the browser-based MMO Pockie Ninja was released today.  Chapter III: Hokage Village, which will be released on June 23rd, will add many new features to the game, including giving players the ability to build and upgrade their own villages, visit and interact with friends villages and create their own quests.

Players who builds farms will be able to customize their home and discover fancy gifts for their characters. They will also be able to control the weather system to manipulate their village’s productivity, as well as upgrade and expand their village to become the envy of their friends. Friends can drop by to lend a helping hand, improve the look and productivity of your village, or even play some tricks on you. Helping friends with their villages will reap a great number of rewards, making it a vital part of Pockie Ninja’s ever-expanding universe.

Using the new Quest Board, players will be able to post bounty for their friends to complete. Chap 3 also introduces a wide range of ability upgrades to players.  For more information about the Chap 3 update, check out the official Pockie Ninja website.

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  1. This will difinitly win the best browserbased game for 2011. The game story line itself will make you very interested and above all the game graphics is superb.

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