Pockie Ninja Closed Beta Revealed + PvE Details

NGames, creators of the upcoming MMO Pockie Ninja, have announced the launch date for closed beta, which will be March 11-18 as well as some information about the PvE combat.

During the Pockie Ninja closed beta, players will be able to get their hands on an exclusive premium gift box full of amazing items, including weapons, clothing and gift coupons. Players can receive these rewards for every 10 levels they progress, from 10 to 50. The higher the level, the greater the reward. As well as premium items, beta players will be treated to free gold – 800 for the first time they log in and 300 for every subsequent day after!

When a ninja reaches the required level they will be able to venture into the treacherous Demon City and challenge the evil Arrancar army in Las Noches, a building boasting a massive 150 floors of monsters who get tougher the higher the players gets.

Brave ninjas venturing into Las Noches will have the chance to earn a great amount of experience points and rewards, such as powerful ninja tools and valuable loot.

However even the bravest ninjas must be wary of the awaiting challenges, as monsters not only increase in difficulty as they progress but also have some special abilities of their own, including the power to absorb health and a greater chance to dodge attacks.
Every 10 levels the player will encounter a much feared Espada – the top ranked members of the Arrancar army – who present a far higher challenge than ordinary monsters.

Along with Las Noches, players can venture into Valhalla, a sacred resting place for fallen heroes that is now crawling with evil creatures, making it a dangerous but exciting place for ninjas to gain experience.

Unlike Las Noches, players should not enter Valhalla alone – they must rely on team cooperation to advance through the stages and defeat the final boss, taking advantage of each others’ strengths to overcome the odds and emerge victorious.

Instances in Pockie Ninja use an innovative difficulty system where the player can choose from an easy or hard setting. Easy gives more experience and allows lower level characters to level quickly, while hard caters for those who want to hunt down rare items by challenging more powerful foes.

Pockie Ninja is a free to play browser based MMO game that will feature an items store where players can purchase upgrades and items for their characters.

More information about can be found on the official Pockie Ninja website.

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