Pockie Ninja: Events Extended

Pockie Ninja has just extended two of it’s in-game events by popular demand. The ” New Challenge in Las Noches” and “Level-Up” events that were due to close at the end of May, have now been given extensions to June 15th and June 30th respectively.  For those who choose to participate in these events will be rewarded with a whole basket of in-game goodies.  Not only that, but if you truly believe you are a ninja master, you can make an attempt to earn the “luxurious” in-game gifts.  How does one go about earning these gifts you ask?  NGames tells us how!

The New Challenge in Las Noches event represents the pinnacle of Pockie Ninja’s martial arts mastery, challenging players to pass level 160 in the Las Noches building – a huge tower with increasingly difficult challenges awaiting users on every level/floor. Until June 15th, the first 3 players to reach level 160 on each server will be giving luxurious in-game gifts

Meanwhile, players will be rewarded simply for enjoying the Naruto/Bleach-inspired brawler, with prizes set to be handed out to everyone reaching level 70+ before June 30th.

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