Polishing the Wasteland: Fallen Earth Patch 1.6

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Icarus Studios has found a healthy market niche with it’s gritty, dark-humored hybrid MMO, Fallen Earth. When I say hybrid, I mean it in two ways; first is the ability to switch between first and third-person perspectives, and second is with regards to Fallen Earth’s commonalities between the “sandbox” and “themepark”┬ásub-genres. The developers at Icarus are passionate gamers themselves, and they are actively engaged in cultivating the wasteland …if that’s even possible. In all seriousness, Fallen Earth’s latest content patch, 1.6, is set to roll out a considerable feature set, as well as a foundation for further enhancements.

For the competitor in all of us, PvP Flagging is now available at any location in the game world. In addition, an interface will be provided to allow users to locate others who are flagged. Needless to say, you should spend less time searching for players, and more time punishing them!

Customization has always been one of Icarus Studios’ strong suits, and they plan to expand considerably in that area. Custom vehicle colors are only the beginning of a larger system that will allow users to detail gear, weapons, and clothing. Moreover, basic and “rare” Paint Dye Kits will provide a variety of colors for players to choose from.

Player “respeccing”, a hot topic on the Fallen Earth forums, is making it’s first appearance in the form of a “minor respec”. The Minor Respec Injector can be found at several NPCs around the wastes, and is operated in much the same way as repair kits. In addition, graphical updates have been made to the game’s trees to give them a “much more realistic, detailed look with improved lighting and a more defined shape”. Finally, vehicle speed on roadways has been increased, village overhauls have taken place, and the leveling curve from 1-12 has been adjusted.

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  1. Hopefully that interface doesn’t let you find EXACTLY where the other PVP flagged guy is. Unless they want to kill cat and mouse play entirely.

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