Questing: A Very Wildhammer Wedding

Questing is a column dedicated to highlighting the best quests in MMOGs. We’ll slog through all the horrible “Kill 10 rats,” FedEx and slow escort quests to bring you a collection of the funniest, best-designed, story-rich, important or original quests that companies have to offer.

Dwarf lore is a complicated matter. One that’s been well developed as part of Cataclysm. Most players know about the mishap in Old Ironforge, the ensuing coup that Magni’s transformation caused, ultimately resulting in a council that now overseas the stronghold of dwarven might, Ironforge.

The venerable Wildhammer clan of the North has been in as much strife as its Bronzebeard counterpart. For generations the individual clans bickered over petty differences. The ensuing destruction of the world has forced the Wildhammer to put aside small differences and attempt to work together to join the Alliance. Try as its members might, the old ways die hard. Famed rider Kurdran Wildhammer schemes up a final plan to reunite the fractured clans, marriage between the Thundermar and Firebeard factions.

The six-part chain is full of political jockeying and smothered in little-discussed lore. Even if you’re not interested in the dwarven backstory or participating in a honest-to-goodness wedding (always the bridesmaid *sigh*), the chain is integrated to the Twilight Highlands storyarc and its completion unlocks five easy daily quests.

The above video of the in-game cinematic showcases a taste of both kinds of lore.


  1. Booze, food, booze, excessive violence, more booze… A perfect Dwarven wedding. So glad I was invited :)

  2. I loved this quest chain. Especially the part involving helping writing the song. I think it’s fair to say the ONLY thing that would or could make this quest even more epic would be..oh say…a motorcycle..did I mention it could fly? I almost forgot about that!

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