Questing: Throwdown with Robby Flay/Marogg (Cooking Dailies)

Questing is a column dedicated to highlighting the best quests in MMOGs. We’ll slog through all the horrible “Kill 10 rats,” FedEx and slow escort quests to bring you a collection of the funniest, best-designed, story-rich, important or original quests that companies have to offer.

As a wee lad I always wanted to be a cook. I have no idea why, exactly. But it probably had something to do with working with one’s hands to turn a batch of useless materials in to something extravagant. Something that you could eat. If my early confection creations or steamy stews resulted in some sort of super human ability, perhaps I’d still be hard at it.

Thing is, that’s exactly what happens in World of Warcraft. Make a tasty enough morsel with just the right ingredients and you, your party or even a whole raid can get a wonderful perk for the duration of your life, a quarter, half or even a full hour, depending on the delicacy.

Those Alliance members looking to be the Iron Chefs of their guild should become fast friends with Robby Flay (why no red hair?), Stormwind’s resident culinary expert, in order to acquire the hordes of Chef’s Award needed for all of the new Cataclysm recipes. Marogg, who should be the War Chef, delivers the quests for Orgrimmar’s smelly residents.

Chef’s Awards max out at 10 (See Update). Be sure to purchase new recipes or Crates of Tasty Meat from your vendor (Alliance/Horde) when you hit the cap! I’d recommend starting the dailies as soon as you can. The XP rewards are quite good, over 30,000 XP for a level 80.

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Robby offers five cooking dailies that won’t send you outside your home city.

  • The King’s Cider – Yes, you’re helping make the king cider from apples on the ground. Wanna fight about it? That’s how our cider is made. Why should his be any different? Each district has an apple tree or two, denoted by apples on the branches, and every tree will have a handful of apple spawn points at its base. The edible ovaries respawn quickly enough that camping a single tree becomes a feasible strategy.
  • Penny’s Pumpkin Pancakes – You’ll spend as much time flying up to the pumpkin patch in North Stormwind as you do picking the pumpkins. The orange squashes are everywhere, which makes sense since it’s a pumpkin farm.
  • Orphans Like Cookies Too! – Easily the most annoying and time consuming of the dailies. It’s not because there’s any more travel than the rest of the quest, but an apparent shortage of sugar. There’s roughly five inns in all of Stormwind, each with one bag. And on a sluggish timer. Prepare to yell at people for “stealing” your bag of sugar.
  • A Fisherman’s Feast – You have to resort to outright thievery for this quest. Players hop from dock area to dock area looting the fresh catch, a big barrel of fish, of the local fisherman. Not even a thank you or a wave is needed.
  • Feeling Crabby? – Snatch and grab the crabs scuttling around the canals. They respawn very quickly, so staying in one canal area is a good strategy. Even easier for characters that are more than three feet tall, as they can walk, not swim, in some canals. Sorry gnomes.

The lamely-named Marogg (not Moragg) delivers the savage horde their Orgrimmar-based cooking dailies. Apparently the beasts actually enjoy hot meals. Garrosh’s new laws forced the addition of an extra quest to keep canon.

  • Careful, This Fruit Bites Back – Time to pluck all of those Orgrimmar cacti for their delicious, and dangerous, fruit. The plants are all over the place with a good respawn rate, making this one of the easier dailies.
  • Stealing From Our Own (Goblin)/Stealing From Our Own (Troll) – Not nearly as annoying as the Alliance sugar quest due to the proximity of all of the spawn points being around one or two buildings, not districts.
  • Even Thieves Get Hungry – More stealing, yet you’re tasked with capturing the bandits this time. Look for the Horde symbol on crates (there’s one right next to the quest giver), those are the supplies that are being plundered. The crates are pretty well spread across Orgrimmar, but only three rations are needed.
  • Crawfish Creole – Put on those swim trunks and dip your toes into the lakes of Orgrimmar. Hope they get pinched by crawfish, because then you won’t have to go diving for them.
  • Everything Is Better with Bacon – To true. To bad this actually sends you out of Orgrimmar. But not far, just to the front gates to one-shot Mature and Wild Mature swine for that delicious bacon. Mmm, bacon.

Completing five of either will award the new Sous Chefs with the Let’s do Lunch achievement.


Chef’s Awards have been hotfixed to remove the hard 10 cap. However, the UI will still show the cap, yet keep track of your proper total, until “a client-side patch can be applied.” No timeframe for such patch was given.


  1. Nice post, however, I would like to point out one thing regarding this:

    Chef’s Awards max out at 10. Be sure to purchase new recipes or Crates of Tasty Meat from your vendor (Alliance/Horde) when you hit the cap!

    This was apparently hotfixed on Jan. 3rd to the following:

    The cooking daily quest Chef’s Awards no longer have a limit to how many players can hold at one time. Please note that the user interface will still say a maximum of 10 Chef’s Award currency can be possessed until a client-side patch can be applied, but players can accrue more than 10.

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