Rappelz Announces Epic 7: Awakening

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Rappelz, a free-to-play title from gPotato, continues to grow with it’s seventh installment. With Epic 7: Awakening, gPotato developers and Rappelz push the pet-mechanics envelope just a little bit further. While the game provides a strong combat experience, player-owned dungeons, and exciting PvP, Rappelz’s strong suit is it’s pet-support system. Able to fill a number of roles (tank, healer, debuffer, DPS, etc.), pets can make or break your success as you progress through the game.

With Epic 7, the devs at gPotato have been hard at work on a Creature Enhancement System, which provides players with a versatile new way to upgrade and specialize their pet companions. For instance, by combining two pets of the same type, a player may be rewarded with a stronger, more dangerous version of that pet type! Moreover, a new companion has been added: the Death Tyrant. Filled with vengeful rage from his untimely demise, the Death Tyrant deals death from your side, even turning his foes’ flesh to rot as he cuts them down.

Apart from pet changes, gPotato has implemented a means for guild leaders to modify rankings within their collective, as well as the ability to assign varying powers based on said rankings. Further, UI changes allow guildies to view all of their dungeon raid information more easily.

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