Ravenwood Roundup: Perfecting Pyromancy

Ravenwood Roundup HeaderThe title of this article is a bit misleading for, as I have found through extensive research on my Pyromancer, there is no way to perfect playing Fire school other than achieving this one pure goal: Have fun with it.

That being said, Pyromancers have a significant common point with Diviners: low base accuracy when casting spells. So while the high damage rates of all spells is empowering, if those spells fizzle consistently your Pyromancer will be executing the Spiral Head Roll more often than the coveted Victory Dance.

Key tips to overcoming the accuracy rate include careful deck construction, sporting the proper equipment, and investing time (and possibly crowns) in a pet with healing abilities.

Deck Construction:
Always pack as many two-pip healing fairy spells as your deck will allow. Another important spell to pack is Link. Link, with only two pips, is a wonderful utility for dealing damage as well as restoring hit points. It provides 180 damage over three rounds while healing the caster for 120 over three rounds. It’s important to remember that even if the recipient of the Link damage dies, the caster still receives all three rounds of healing. Also, Link is useful for breaking fire traps, similar to Fire Elf. If you’ve locked Link on an enemy, in a couple of rounds you could likely cast Fire Elf or Scald (depending on your Power Pip percentage) and see those Damage Over Time (DOT) spells eat away at your opponent’s hit points. I like to call those spells the “set it and forget it” cards in my arsenal.

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There’s an endless trade-off for equipment stats in Wizard 101, as in most MMOs. If you want your Pyromancer to make it through their battles, I recommend chasing down accuracy stats rather than power pips, shielding, and in some cases health! The attached screen shot show that I have achieved 100% accuracy for my Pyromancer (Calamity) and lists the equipment that helped me get there. I gain 25% accuracy from my equipment which boosts my 75% base accuracy to 100%. I wasn’t able to start building impressive accuracy until I reached Master (Level 40), so until then be sure to stock up on Keen Eyes and Sniper Shot treasure cards. So far, Calamity has not ventured far into Celestia. However, I haven’t found the need to invest training points in Sun School to boost accuracy. If I switch to gear that forfeits accuracy in favor of crit likelihood, I may spend training points on accuracy spells. An essential piece of equipment for any pyromancer is the Troll Ear Pendant. It gives two blue Guiding Light charm cards, which boost the power of the next healing spell you cast by 40%. These charms work on all Life School healing as well as Link, but not on Steal Health spells such as Ghoul and Vampire.

Healing Pets:
Calamity’s pet of choice is a Tasmanian Devil. OK, that’s clearly untrue, but that WOULD be the perfect pet for Calamity. Her pet is a Helpful Wildclaw named Taz. His super-power is a healing spell for 480 hit points that Calamity can cast on herself or any teammate. I’ve never taken time to train my school pet (BarBar the Helephant, as I like to call him) because I need an extra healing card more than an extra Helephant card. Yes, a trained school pet adds to the power pip likelihood, but for this Pyromancer the trade-off for an extra healing card is worth it.

One day, I’ll devote an article to the wonder that is the Fire school spell ‘Immolate’, and tell the true story of how I one-shotted Malistaire (10,000 hit points) with this 600-damage spell. But that is a story for another column…

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  1. I’ve heard some good things about Wizard101. I’ve played WoW, Lotro, Runescape and now Allods Online. How does Wizard101 match up to any of these games?

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