Ravenwood Roundup: Six Desks, No Waiting

Ravenwood Roundup HeaderEach Wizard101 account (that means F2P or member) allows for six characters. What does this mean to F2P (free-to-play) account holders? Every account holder can explore the free content through the eyes of each of the seven primary schools of magic at Ravenwood. How so, you may ask? There is no fee to delete a character and/or create a new one, at any time, over and over.*

Each of the seven primary schools of magic provides suprisingly different content. Each school has a different professor, classroom, benefits and drawbacks. Students are sent on unique quests to earn spells from their primary school that aren’t available through the use of training points, and therefore are exclusive to that school. There’s not much that can be said without spoiling game content, but I can say that students of the Life School visit Golem Tower for a different reason than students of the Ice School! Future columns will discuss each school in detail.

As players progress through quests offered in the F2P content, they will receive “Training Points” every few levels and through a quest offered by the headmaster requiring students to visit every classroom in Ravenwood. Training points are to be used on what is typically refered to as “secondary schools.” The topic of secondary schools is a complex one and will be covered in more detail in a later column.

For F2P Wizard101 account holders, it’s exceptionally important to be very careful when deciding how to spend training points/selecting a secondary school. There is almost no way of exchanging training points to used on different spells within the F2P content. And even if it were possible, it costs crowns (aka, real money) to wipe the slate clean and retrain points in secondary schools. The exception is, of course, to delete a character and start over.

For now, the best advice is: If you can’t decide how to spend your training points, wait to spend them. They aren’t going anywhere. If you like the looks of a particular spell from a different school (let’s say the Fire Cat or Snow Serpent) and you’d like to be able to cast it once in a while, using a training point is not the only possible path. Treasure cards, wands, and amulets are the way to go!

Treasure cards are available from Harold Argleston at the library, or in the bazaar. Treasure cards are a fun way to try out new spells without the commitment of giving up a training point. Personally, I love the animation of the storm serpent, but not enough to give up a training point for a spell with an accuracy rate of only 75%. The treasure card is pretty inexpensive, (and usually less expensive at the bazaar than at the library) so I can keep a few on hand whenever I’d like to see it in action.

Another way to try out different spells, without spending training points, is to peruse the wands and amulets available through vendors in the shopping district. Most wands and amulets are available for gold (in-game currency.) Many of the wands in the Wizard City wand shop offer spells from several different schools, so with the purchase of one wand you could try out spells from five different schools! Amulets are available with one spell card each. Some of the most popular spells in the entire game, in terms of looks and utility, are available with amulets from the Wizard City amulet shop. This includes Ghoul (which has a fun animation and restores a small amount of life when it doesn’t fizzle) and Fire Elf.

Beyond the ability to try out all seven schools of magic while still in F2P mode, players can access all of the storage space detailed in a previous column. This is very useful to F2P accounts, because it makes it possible to transfer items into the shared bank to be used by new toons.

Let’s say you’ve decided that the Ice School just isn’t cool enough for you. You want to delete your ice wizard and roll a fire wizard instead. No problem – just take your time before typing in the magic word that will permanently put you on Professor Greyrose’s “naughty” list. (Don’t worry, she’s ever so much nicer than Dolores Umbridge!) Unequip all items from the toon you want to delete. Put all equipment, housing items, pets, etc. – basically everything you collected while playing that toon – in your backpack. Double-check to be sure you haven’t left anything in the attic. Put everything in the shared bank. This could be very useful to your new toon, especially if your ice wizard won items that were “fire school only.”

If the toon you are about to delete still treasure cards and/or has gold left, don’t delete the toon yet! Head down to the bazaar. Sell the treasure cards. Use every last bit of gold you have to buy equipment, (make sure it doesn’t say “no trade” before you buy) pet snacks, reagents or housing items. Return to the dorm room and put those items in the shared bank too. This way, even if your new toon can’t use the items, they can be sold to give that player some starting money.

*Personally, I would never permanently enroll in Cyrus Drake’s class so the Myth school will remain a myth-tery. /rimshot

Oh!  What she said about my beloved Professor Drake!  *sob* -Ed.

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