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According to Wizard101, “Storm wizards are often impulsive, educated, creative, and independent. Famous Diviners are Benjamin Franklin, Lady Circe, and Galileo.” The school is in Ravenwood and the teacher is a frog named Halstron Balestrom. The school tree is named Torrence. He’s a bit of a drip!

Storm school students are called Diviners. As mentioned in a recent column, being a Diviner is NOT for the faint of heart! Anyone who is easily frutrated by frequent fizzles or regulary being defeated should probably steer clear of rolling a storm wizard, especially as your first character in Wizard 101. Storm school spells have the lowest accuracy of all schools – only 70%. On the other hand, storm school is the only one that provides a charm to boost the accuracy of the next school spell by 10%. If you play your cards right (no pun intended) you could have 80% accuracy on every high-damage storm spell you cast.

Storm school is also the only school that provides stacking-trap damage spells. Most schools provide a trap to boost damage to a single enemy, as well as an Area of Effect (AOE) spell that boosts damage to every player on both sides of the battle circle from spells cast for that school. Storm school, true to its trademark of piling on damage, provides an extra trap spell that boosts damage by 20% more on top of the standard trap and AOE. Combined with traps available through the use of training points spent in from other schools, such as elemental traps and feint, this extra set of traps can make the difference when one-shotting Malistaire or moving up the PvP ranks.

It would seem to make sense to spend training points in the Life school if you’re a Diviner, so that you can heal yourself when you’re in trouble, but most Diviners I know won’t do that. As a rule, the Diviners I know are pretty stubborn! But it’s always fun to have a Diviner on your team, especially when they deal out a Kraken or Stormzilla to the other side.

Diviners tend to spend a lot of time working on their gear to find the right balance of stats to best suit their individual playing style. Storm school provides the lowest base health total of all the schools at Ravenwood. Some Diviners address this by seeking out gear with the maximum health boost available. On the other hand, some Diviners toss caution to the wind and focus on boosting their spell damage. This school of thought is born of the idea that if the enemy is killed quickly enough, the Diviner’s low health won’t be of concern. Still another group of Diviners pursue equipment with accuracy-boosting features. By seeking out this stat, these Diviners increase the likelihood that their already hard-hitting spells will find their mark, once again seeking to defeat the enemy quickly and avoid defeat through the loss of those limited hit points.

To learn more about the Storm School, I heartily recommend listening to Episode 21 of Ravenwood Radio. This episode features a “Storm School Study Hall” which provides tips and strategies for Diviners of all levels of power and expertise.

On a personal note, I ask that you pay special attention to the contributions of the incredible Heather EmeraldFlame, one of the Diviners on the study hall panel.

Heather, a highly respected member of the Wizard101 community, passed away earlier this week. Heather was remarkable in many ways, including extensive knowledge of the pet system and PvP, and particularly for having 13 GrandMasters in Wizard101. Her “main toon” was her Storm wizard, and it speaks volumes about Heather that this wizard – from what many consider the most difficult school to stick with – was her signature character in the community. After hearing Heather on the Storm School Study Hall, I rolled my own Diviner. I hope you’ll dive into the knowledge that Heather shares and maybe even roll a storm school student in her honor.

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