Repopulation: 15.7.2 Going Live – Holy Entertainers!

2015-08-07_00001The guys behind the Repopulation have been making me gaga lately. The game is amazing. And the work they’ve put into it, are putting into it, is just astonishing. They put triple A budget titles to absolute shame. Don’t get me wrong, there are things that drive me absolutely insane about the game (and I will have more in depth previews coming up discussing them!), but overall it is nothing short of remarkable what they’re doing.

And the patch that is currently being put into place looks like another notch on the bedpost. An amazing – I know I keep committing the sin of repeating that word, but I just can’t help it! – looking update for entertainers, some good stuff for medics and action mode players, as well as the first implementation of the siege system. Entertainers will no longer be a passive profession, instead there will be player involved in a series of minigames.

I am really sick, so I’m going to – cringe! – be lazy here and just paste in the update notes. If you’re not interested in the full patch notes, there’s nothing more to see here! But if you’ve been on the  fence about buying this, it might be worth a glance because even the patch notes reveal just how much there is in this game to enjoy.

Read the full writeup which includes a dev blog about this update and the next one, here.


Adversarial Camps

  • Recreated the camp spawners in Serenity to adjust for the newly added town. There are now less camp spawners, and the camps are smaller in size.

Auctions and Work Orders

  • Shift+right click on an auction listing will now open the game database to that item. Ctrl+right click will display the Price Info card for that item.
  • Shift+right click on a player shop listing will now open the game database to that item. Ctrl+right click will display the Price Info card for that item.
  • Added a “Shield” type to the auction house, under the Items Category. New shield listings will appear here instead of incorrectly listed as an Implant.


  • Reduced the volume of cycle sounds.
  • The audio beep for a tracked target will now stop if you have targeted the entity and are within 5 meters of it.


  • Doubled the aim correction radius when using a ranged weapon in Action Mode, and slightly increased it when using a melee weapon.
  • Reduced the amount of threat generated from heals.
  • Adjustments were made to the threat generation code to reduce the influence of raw damage in the calculation.
  • Health Transfers have improved from a 1:1 efficiency to a 1:1.5 efficiency.
  • Health Transfers can now benefit from Heal Amount modifiers.
  • The commands (and related behavior) for /face and /stick have been disabled against hostile players.


  • A medium sized population of Rocharus and Elkar (night time only) have begun to prowl the Rinji Plateau.
  • The drake den in Serenity can now be activated from most of the area, and ticks more quickly.
  • Adjustments were made to the Jabberbull den in Whimsy Fields to adjust for the new changes to the area. Spawns may be in new locations.


  • Replaced the rock textures in The Pipeworks with higher resolution textures.
  • Added new entertainment oriented FX.
  • Spray Biohazard (First Aid) has new FX.
  • Updated barricade models with new texture.
  • The Timbertol building set has been converted to use a texture atlas. This should result in improved performance.


  • Added Instance Housing for Rogues.
  • The store, clear, and destroy commands now pop a warning with the full command needed to run it to add a warning about what they do as clear/destroy purge data. Store is not destructive to structures, but still removes the plot so some extra verification was added.
  • Cleanupshops command now has a warning as well as the output for the commands now has a warning as well when using /housing. The info about store was also wrong regarding player shops so it was removed (they are stored properly now as of a few patches ago).


  • After asking an NPC “Where is” a place or person, if they know the answer, the minimap is now much more reliable in showing you that location. If the inquiry was for a person, and you are within tracking distance of that person, then a tracking arrow/dot will be used, as well as the tracking audio affect. (The audio can be turned off by either using your track ability, or by having the target selected and being within 5 meters.) If the inquiry if for a place, or if the person is out of your tracking range, then a light blue destination arrow/dot will be used, and will disappear when within 5 meters of the location.
  • Aoss Gardens (Tralus): If you ask Emily Sweetchuck to tell you about herself then she’ll share some personal information and gossip.
  • If you ask Private Medina to tell you about himself, he’ll talk about his past and some of the other people at Aoss Gardens in Tralus.

Items and Fittings

  • Adjusted the requirements for Tier 2-4 for Fittings. This increased them from previous values requiring more skill points. You need to be around Average to use all 5 Fittings on Tier 2. Near Talanted on Tier 3, and Near Elite for Tier 4.
  • The values of graded items are now scaled per the item’s grade. NPC shops will pay this scaled value when buying items from players. The item’s tool tip, Info Cards, and large icons will show the total value of the item, taking into account both the grade and quantity and quantity of stacked items. (Unit prices for the item can be seen in the Price Info card – Ctrl+RMB)
  • Increased the damage of Flame Throwers.
  • Issued Medical Scanners now have melee range for offensive abilities, to bring them in line with other scanners.
  • Adjusted the settings on Forward Line Rifles to make them a median between sniper rifles and repeaters, as as intended.
  • Updated the Learning Stims tool tip descriptions to match the actual percentage of skill gain.
  • Sapphires and Emerald are now valued at 20 credits. Peridots at 15 credits.


  • Tales and Dance steps are now set up to use a system similar to the Music Minigame. These minigames are initiated by using the same starting abilities as before. This includes 68 unique minigame configurations.
  • After selecting an ability in Entertainment minigames, it will now remove the option to select any additional abilities until a new opening is ready for one.
  • There are now fishing minigame locations in Serenity and Whimsy Fields.
  • Music Minigames now have the option of creating a buff on failure.
  • All Tales and Dance minigame abilities have a 5 second recharge timer.


  • Modified underlying base values for items, so that calculations are now made as follows: Vendor buying from player, pays the base value (changed from vendor pays 15% of base value) Vendor selling to a player, charges 5 times the base value (changed from vendor charges the base value). Note, the value for items that are graded are additionally scaled up to take the grade into account, as noted in a previous build note.
  • Players who die in the southernmost portions of Kaavo now have the option to respawn in Obsidian Bastille if they already have the cloning point.
  • Added new tips for the Dance and Tale minigames.


  • The Dancing and Tale tutorials have been rewritten to include up to date information on how these abilities work with the new minigames.
  • Training Area: the quests in the “Harvesting and Crafting” chain have all been set to non-repeatable, to avoid confusing players; dialogs were reworded a bit so the Crafting MentorBot doesn’t offer the missions again.
  • Training Area: the last quest in the “Harvesting and Crafting” chain now requires you to go back to the Crafting MentorBot and proudly exhibit the Type A Firearms Fitting you’ve just created for the mission to finish. The step also has an extra tip.
  • The introduction mission Nickeline, Nickeline my Teachings for some Nickeline from Orpheus Creed in Scorched Gorge Outpost will no longer be available once you complete the quest line and get the recipe.
  • Training Area: the “Basic Gadgeteering” mission is no longer repeatable, to avoid confusing players. Dialogs were tweaked a bit so the Crafting MentorBot doesn’t offer the mission again.
  • Introduced new mission opportunities in Tasuil Rise.
  • Added new mission opportunities to Rinji Plateau.
  • Added additional mission opportunities to Beggar’s End and Clyssi.
  • Optimized mission generation efficiency.
  • Amended mission “The Handy Man”. Formatting and email name have been updated and diplomacy check is a little easier.
  • Scorched Gorge Outpost: Added a missing rock that was used as a prop for the “Geotermal Survey”; missions should now work properly.
  • Document Drop mission has a mission marker to find the barrel outside of the General Store Building.
  • Improved rewards in the Securing Supply Lines mission in Fort Pharynx.
  • Changed a dialog where Floyd Watson explains how to look for work.
  • Aoss Gardens (Tralus): If inquired about Private Medina will tell you about himself and some of the people working at the solar power plant.
  • Aoss Gardens (Tralus): If inquired, Emily Sweetchuck will talk about herself and share gossip on some of the other people staffing the solar plant.


  • Increased the potency of some NPC special abilities.
  • Reduced damage done by Fragaria’s paralyzing thorns.
  • Adjusted NPC spawners at the F.S. Research facility to make it less likely that AFK players at the camp can get aggroed by nearby mobs.
  • Adjusted spawn locations in the newbie grounds in Freedomtown to move NPCs further from seams and make the road a little safer.
  • Added spawn points to a section of Mid-Plymouth which was previously mob free.
  • Numerous adjustments were made to NPC spawners in Beggar’s End to better distribute population and create a more enjoyable experience.
  • Moved around some of the rare mob spawn locations in the Hole-Plymouth Trail.
  • Maddie Mason has moved a little further down the hill Outside Freedomtown. She promises to be more cooperative to those who would help escort her.
  • Significant alterations were made to NPC spawn locations in Tasuil Rise to better distribute NPCs, and increase mob counts.
  • NPCs from festival quests will now despawn properly when the holiday is complete.


  • Increased the amount of aggro that some pet abilities generate.
  • Added baby animals to more locations in the world.

Player vs. Player

  • Reduced PvP damage by 22%. This is intended to encourage longer PvP battles.


  • Added Contested Cluster Resources. These are Harvester clusters that have a contested mechanic added to them. Players who are within a reasonable distance from the cluster will get points added to their nation. At the end of the timer the nation with the most points wins the cluster. Only player created nations can get points, you cannot claim a harvester for OWON or FPR. Contested clusters can have different options setup for how long they last, when they spawn, resource types, grades, etc. You can also see any spawned up contested cluster on the World/Region map as they are marked with a red flag icon.
  • Unharvested corpses can now be harvested by any player if the corpse has less than a minute until it expires. Attempting to loot these corpses will let the player know how much time is remaining.
  • Peridots are now available from Sarnium Nodes. This item is a gemstone.
  • Emeralds are now available from Beryl Nodes. This item is a gemstone.
  • There is a Contested Resource in Fal Canyon that pops at 7 PM local server time and in Gelid Pass at 8 PM local server time. An announcement should go out server wide when it pops up.
  • Salty Porphyra can now be harvested in the following areas: Boglands, Nido Cuervo, and the Northern Trails.
  • Added a small population of spearfished resources to Nido Cuervo.
  • Beggar’s End and Clyssi now features generated lumber resources, where they previously only supported plants and minerals.
  • Tasuil Rise has become richer in generated resources.
  • Added Fish and Salty Porphyra resources to the new lake in Serenity.
  • Resources in Whimsy Fields have been rearranged and fishing areas have been created.
  • Relocated the existing resources to new locations in Serenity.

Skills and Abilities


  • Improved support for launching minigames through special abilities.
  • Increased the threat generation of many melee abilities to make it easier to tank as a melee type.
  • Increased the threat generation of Shield based abilities.
  • Increased the aggro generation of the Disrupt ability (Counter-Attack).
  • Increased the aggro generation of both Verbal Assault and Verbal Lashing (Diplomacy).
  • You can now steal a good number of objects in Rinji.


  • Aerosol abilities should do slightly more initial damage than was previously the case. Damage Over Time is unchanged.


  • Some AoE Axe abilities had their threat multiplier reduced as they were generating more AoE aggro than anticipated.


  • Increased the PBAoE radius of Open Wound (Blades).
  • Slightly reduced the amount of damage per attack of Triple Strike (Blades).
  • Reduced the amount of damage per attack of Rapid Strikes (Blades).


  • Entertaining has been updated to function as a minigame.
  • Dance Step and Tale now launch the Dance Opener and Tale Opener minigame, respectively.
  • Adjusted the recharge times of Basic Dance and Tale starting abilities (Entertainment).
  • The first time that you log in it will remove any outdated entertainer abilities that you had previously.
  • Increased chance of gaining skill at lower skill ranks when performing Entertainment minigames.
  • Most abilities for Entertaining have been removed or repurposed as minigame abilities.

First Aid

  • Additional adjustments have been made to scanner based healing. Higher quality heals should now be healing more than was previously the case.
  • Adjusted the energy consumption, usage time, and healing rate of the Medical Scan, Advanced Medical Scan, and Ranged Medical Scan (First Aid).
  • Gave a small boost to the amount of damage Healed Over Time with the Only a Flesh Wound, and Just a Scratch abilities (First Aid). These abilities can be used without a medical scanner and have a separate timer than other heals over time, and as a result heal less than the dedicated scanner HoTs. But the gap has gotten a bit closer.
  • Ranged Medical Scan and Advanced Medical Scan (First Aid) will now receive the healing benefits of higher quality medical scanners such as the Specue Scanner.
  • Nano-Plasma Spray (First Aid) had its cone type altered so that it should be able to benefit allies more reliably. It is a cone based ability though so you must be facing allies to have it benefit them.
  • Emergency Transfusion (First Aid) now exchanges 300 health to heal your target by 450.
  • Resuscitate (First Aid) had its usage time cut in half and now restores 35% health and endurance when used.
  • Spray Biohazard (First Aid) can no longer be resisted.


  • Slightly reduced the amount of damage per hit of Double Shot (Handguns).


  • Increased the damage output of many Unarmed abilities.

Trade Skills

  • With the craft window open, double clicking on an item in your inventory, to fill an ingredient slot, will also check the ingredient’s filter requirements, in addition to the component.
  • In the craft window ingredients that don’t match a recipe’s filter requirements, in addition to the component requirements, can no longer be dropped into an empty ingredient slot.
  • You can no longer fill ingredient or agent slots in the craft window with items from your bank. (If crafting from the bank is implemented in the future, then this ability will be restored)
  • Added new recipes for Simple and Normal Repair Kits for Melee/Firearms/Armor Fittings. Much like the recycled recipes, they require less resources to build. The Repair kit recipes already in game have been renamed to “Advanced” and now only have the Complex and Arduous Results on them. You can find the new recipes in the standard books.
  • Added back Simple/Normal results to the regular Fitting recipes. They have a slightly higher starting point range so new players don’t try to use them initially.
  • Wooden Stool Creation in Carpentry is now more ‘new crafter’ friendly. It now has a minimum skill requirement of 0 and only needs a Wood Seat Panel, Decorative Legs (3), and Wood Glue.
  • Fixed an issue with the craft window, where ingredient tooltips did not show their filter requirements until after a new Main Product selection was made. The tooltips should now show the filters (if applicable) right after the craft window is opened.
  • Fixed an issue with the craft window where an ingredient’s tooltip did not always properly show the ingredient’s filter requirements, after having removed an icon from the ingredient slot.

User Interface

  • Ability bar indexes are now set on a per weapon basis. This allows you to have different bar pages used for different weapons. This should make it easier for multiple weapon users.
  • Made some changes/fixes to the display of mission NPCs on the map and minimap. NPCs from any of your active missions will display as a pawn in a dark orange color. If you are within range, but the NPC is not visible on the minimap, a dark orange arrow will display instead. NPCs that have an available tutorial, collection, or service (e.g. trainers, housing, etc.) mission to give you, will be displayed as a yellow dot. NPCs that have a regular mission to offer you will be displayed as a dark orange dot. Note, the arrows will only display for active missions.
  • The Action Mode Editor window is now movable, and will remember it’s last position when reopened.
  • In the (player) “Shops” window, renamed the column heading “Value” to “Price”
  • Ctrl + right click on item in Inventory/Bank Sort list will now display the item’s Price Info card.
  • Ctrl + right click on item in an NPC shop window will now display the item’s Price Info card.
  • Added a “Next Friendly” command which can be bound using key bindings. It is similar to Next Target but will cycle through friendly players.
  • The Survey Window can now be shrunk down to about half the width of before if you want a more compact setup for scanning/moving around. It can also be reduced in height slightly more as well if wanted.
  • Fittings when damaged now will send an info update once they reach the 50/75/90/100% damage thresholds. This is stored in local session data so it won’t send it more than once, but if you restart it will send it again the first time it is damaged.
  • The status bar should now save its position immediately after being moved. Previously it might not save immediately and could then bounce back to its old position in some cases.
  • Tooltips for Item shells now display the damage/condition of the fittings inside to quickly get an idea if any fittings need to be repaired. They are also color coded based on the minor damage for easy visual checks if you have any Fittings in need of repair.
  • When changing your tracked target, the associated dots on the minimap will now update immediately.
  • Changed minimum height of the main Repop window (e.g. the one inventory uses), so the edge decorations don’t overlap each other.
  • Abilities which have ranged based on the weapon’s range will now display the percentage in relation to it. Example: 150% Weapon.
  • Cone based and PBAoE attacks now display a more accurate representation of range in tooltips and on information windows.
  • Mousing over Music Minigame abilities will now display how difficult this ability is for you to pull off. The difficulty is based on your entertainment skill vs. the difficulty to perform this ability successfully.
  • Reduced the chance of generic spawner dens being included on your minimap. These dens are often wide in area and have no central object, and the markers can be confusing to players.


  • Improved world lighting.
  • Added a new cloning point for FPR players in the Nettle Camp.
  • Added an exploration point to Nettle Camp. The first time players visit this location they will receive a small but permanent boost to their Chemistry skill.
  • Numerous changes were made to Tasuil Rise. This includes smoothing out a section of hills to make it easier to access the upper portion of the area, and additional trees, plants and rocks. Another area which was not meant to be explorable in the area has been closed off.
  • Sprinkled trees and brush in Nettle Patch.
  • Some environment updates were done to Azure Taiga.
  • Added trees, rocks, and foliage to Whimsy Fields.
  • Added trees, rocks, and foliage to Beggar’s End.
  • Added trees and foliage to Shackleford.
  • Added trees and rocks to Shattered Heights and Bodaway Fields.
  • Rearranged and added props to the Plymouth Control Center.
  • Updated Jenu Plains Map with new Tuuleuss Mountain, Fayrwind Ravine, Whimsy Fields and Serenity Area snapshots.
  • Balcony crafting station added in Plymouth Control Center (east quadrant).
  • The billboards near the Workshop in Freedomtown have been replaced with new ads.
  • Modified some rough patches of terrain and added trees, rocks, and foliage to Shaker Hill.
  • Optimized Plymouth Control Center.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the /follow and /stick commands, so you can now move the camera with the left mouse button to look around, while following another. This fix also applies to the UI option “Auto Stick to Target”.
  • Fixed an issue with the /face command, so it no longer resets the camera x and z rotations to 0. I.e., if you’ve angled the camera to look over your head before the /face, you’ll still be able to do so after. This fix also applies to the UI option “Face on Attack”.
  • Fixed a bug in the fitting rewards system for missions. Sometimes it was returning a blank fitting treasure spec which then caused mission rewards to have odd results or bugged fittings.
  • Corrected a problem which was causing escort NPCs to break off and reset back to their spawn point after being attacked by ranged mobs.
  • Fixed an issue where you can get a quest email for kill random hostiles with a double “ss” on the subject/description and/or title of the quest offer, quest tracker details and history when the NPC name already end with an “s”. Example: Kill Morgenstern Cactuss.
  • Fixed a bug which was causing Entertainer minigames which were not music based to turn off music volume.
  • Fixed an issue where Ability Bar hotkey labels were often partially covered the ability icon.
  • Fixed an issue with displaying Item data in the game database. In the 3rd column of the “Used in Recipe as Agent” section, if the recipe product was a fitting or blueprint, the displayed name was incorrectly showing the name of an item with the same ID number, and linking to that item, instead of showing the correct fitting or blueprint name, and linking to that.
  • Fixed an issue that was allowing players to deploy turrets while dead.
  • Fixed an issue that was allowing players to summon pets while dead.
  • Fixed an issue which was causing duplicate effect icons on your status tray after teleporting in some cases. This was only a visual bug but occupied space that didn’t need to be used.
  • Improved behavior for the arrow and dot used to show a tracked target on the minimap. The purple arrow will now disappear when you are close to the target, replaced by a purple dot at the target’s actual position.
  • Fixed an issue with the pricing system where sales from remote player shops were not properly recorded.
  • Selecting a new target in the tracking window will now deselect the old target in the window.
  • The /pet name command no longer requires case sensitive names.
  • Using “Hide Players” on the minimap now actually hides players from the map.
  • Clicking on the ‘X’ to clear the text of an input box will now set the keyboard focus to the same box.
  • Energy Resistance and Block modifiers should now properly appear on your character sheet when available.
  • Fixed an issue where the progress bars for the damage/condition was not updating on Fittings due to a UI move of their elements awhile back.
  • Shady Dealings can be completed again, garbage bags are again interactable and waypoint marker is now in the correct location.
  • Fixed an issue with hiding NPCs, players, and props on the minimap, so that the associated tooltips for them are also hidden.
  • Back Slash (Blades) now generates aggro properly.
  • Fixed a bug which was causing some full screen effects to play on the wrong players client. For example, Intoxicating Venom procs were warping the vision of both the user and the affected target.
  • Fixed a rooming issue with props in Sept Falls.
  • Spring Patterns are available once more.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing “Drake Eggs” mission from being completed, as it was sending you to the wrong NPC.
  • The “To Auction” tab of the NPC shop window will now fully display the items immediately, upon selecting the tab the first time.
  • Energy Transfer (Robotics) now properly casts on your target, rather than attempting to transfer to yourself.
  • Fixed spawn waypoint for Information Bot in Sept Falls as it was a little too high.
  • Corrected a problem which was causing Mutated Setlangs to respawn more quickly than intended in the Fal Midlands.
  • Player will no longer receive emails while in the character selection or creation screens. They will be held until you log in.
  • Reshaped 2 harvestable regions Southeast of Freedomtown, to prevent them from spawning inside of rocks.
  • Reshaped and relocated a harvestable region at Nido Cuervo to prevent resources from spawning in unreachable locations.
  • Fixed a jagged spot of terrain that players could get stuck inside of in Bodaway Fields.
  • Monazite Deposits will no longer spawn on tree branches in Ollaseca.
  • Reshaped harvestable region in Raymead so resources do not spawn on the side of mountains.
  • Trees and NPCs will no longer spawn on top of a large rock formation in Ollaseca. Mobs were not killable and nodes were not harvestable from there.
  • Reshaped harvestable regions in Rocharus Range so resources do not spawn on steep terrain.
  • Fixed a typo in the Water is Life NPC responses.
  • Fixed an issue related to festival NPCs and areas resetting.
  • Fixed an issue in the code which plots dens on maps. In some cases it was exiting out early and not including all of the dens.
  • Setlang Abomination will now properly drop Blood Samples for the Special Assignment: Unique Specimen DNA mission.
  • Fixed a typo on recipe name and description of “Pharmaceutical Extraction: Fishing”.
  • Fixed an issue which could display a PvP warning message on Character Creation or Selection screens.
  • Fixed an issue with the right weapon bone position in the idle animation. This was causing guards to hold guns at an odd angle.
  • Unburied some Water spawning points Southeast of Freedomtown and moved others to more logical locations.
  • Fixed a grammatical error in the failure message if your pet skill does not support the number of pet levels of the pet you are trying to summon.
  • Added Spring pattern back to the general crafting supplies vendor until we can work out why it is not showing up on the Firearm Component Fabrication recipe shop (It is part of the pattern shop).
  • Removed a misplaced floating fence in The Sevens.
  • Repaired some problems with the Tungsten spawning region in Shaker Hill. This should prevent the case where nodes are spawning inside of the mountain.
  • Fixed some buried waypoints in Runa Grove.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing Festival mission NPCs from spawning properly.
  • Repaired some spawn points which were underground in Mid-Plymouth.
  • You can no longer Scrounge for Water while inside Fort Bondsteel.
  • Relocated harvesters and NPCs spawn points in Runa Grove to prevent them from spawning inside of the housing area.
  • Fixed several buried, flying, or poorly located NPC waypoints in Plymouth Pond.
  • Fixed some issues with spawn points in the drake den in Serenity.
  • Fixed some Floating Trees in Founder’s Grove.
  • Fixed an issue where the range, displayed in the target window, was not properly updated when in Action Combat mode.
  • Unburied some waypoints in the Sapless Mesa.
  • Eliminated a bug which could cause players to spawn under the floor at S&B Supply Post on occasion.
  • Fixed 2 groups of floating Bamboo trees in Plymouth Pond.
  • NPC dots on the minimap should now display above point of interest labels, and no longer be hidden or obscured by the labels.
  • Corrected an issue with the Sobbing Drunk’s pathing in Freedomtown. He was walking over a table en route to the exit previously.
  • Moved the rogue safe point along the Hole-Plymouth Trail so if a rogue had gone KoS by OWON they wouldn’t spawn in a location where they might be attacked.
  • Fixed a floating tree in Plymouth Pond.
  • Fixed several issues related to using the stack split ( Alt+drag) dialog.
  • FPR and Rogue Arrival waypoints in Souza Spring are now in a more appropriate spot. You could previously take falling damage after spawning there.
  • Fixed a typo in “The First Invasion” book.
  • Slightly raised a piece of terrain near a lake that was showing a water square at Lower Daxton.
  • Fixed a buried waypoint in Tasuil Rise.
  • Repaired a problem with Eddie Schoolings dialogues in the Schooling’s Thorns mission. He was not saying text which he should have said on turn in or on dismissing him.
  • Fixed an issue with Crafting Advanced Tutorial: Firearms Fittings that was generating for players unskilled for Firearms Crafting, when it should have required at least 900 skill points.
  • Fixed a few terrain craters where players could get stuck in the Training Facilities.
  • Fixed a typo on the /housing cleanupshops go command alert.
  • Switching instrument type while a Music Minigame is already active will now properly switch the minigame options to that of the new instrument.
  • Corrected an issue which was preventing specialized defensive skill gains when facing some NPCs which should have been giving them. This was a number of NPCs throughout the world.
  • Fixed terrain texture seams and terrain tears throughout the Training Facilities.
  • Fixed an issue that was generating a test mission in Freedomtown.
  • Reshaped Kupletskite harvestable region in Timbertoc to fix an issue with the nodes spawning inside of rocks.
  • Repaired a rooming issue which was causing the General Store to disappear from some odd locations such as if a character was standing on top of the Body Armor shop.
  • Fixed an issue in character creation with character placement after the positional changes put in a week or two ago.
  • Fixed some issues with Document Drop quest that was preventing it from being tracked and delivered.
  • Fixed a typo in the Game Database hint.
  • Fixed a typo in The Shed’s Lesoo Raid engagement.
  • The rogue safe point in S&B Supply Post is now properly oriented towards the exit.
  • Moved a beer bottle which was halfway inside of a wall in the Training Facilities.
  • Grounded a patch of floating trees in Banshee’s Hollow.
  • Filled in an area in Tasuil Rise where players could fall into a pit and get stuck.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing Widgie Beer mission from being completed.
  • Fixed a typo in the Crafting tutorial – Regular Books hint.
  • Reshaped some Harvestable Regions in the Shed to avoid resources spawning inside of rocks.
  • Fixed a typo in the description of the Support Stance ability.
  • Fixed some spawning issues with the drake den in Shackleford.
  • Fixed a punctuation issue at the end of the Tale of War babble.
  • Reshaped harvestable regions in Rizzo Ridge so resources do not spawn on steep terrain.
  • Raised 2 speed trees in Arboleda to prevent players from getting stuck on their branches.
  • Corrected a problem with NPCs gaining aggro on players they shouldn’t have been able to attack.
  • Changed Harvesters: Finding Water hint to indicate “water deposits to the north of the city” instead of “water harvesters to the north of the city”.
  • Changed Rest Areas hint to indicate “for sale” instead of “for sell”.
  • Fixed a grammatical error in the Proud Of babble if the NPC didn’t have a causename.
  • Fixed some issues with rare mobs or one time mission givers being “Too Far Away” in the Lurker Bog.
  • Grounded a large floating tree in Clyssi.
  • Fixed Lumber, Mineral and Plants Paths in Rizzo Ridge.
  • Fixed several buried, floating, or poorly placed waypoints Southeast of Freedomtown.
  • Corrected a problem where some entertainer minigame buffs which were intended to only stack if you already had the effect were granting the effect even if it didn’t already exist.
  • Fixed an issue which was causing some of the shaman in Plymouth’s Underbelly to spawn much more quickly than intended.
  • Fixed an issue that was adding an extra “s” to the harvested item in the info chat window when the item already ended with an “s”, and the player harvested more than 1 from a body.
  • Issued Medical Scanners are now flagged to do Physical damage rather than Energy based.
  • Gravity has gotten the better of a floating rock formation in Neverwood.
  • Fixed some path waypoints in Clyssi.
  • Fixed an issue with in some mission types which asked you to defeat a friendly NPC, but never made the NPC hostile to the player.


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