RIFT Celebrating Linniversary. Did I do That Right?

Oh. It has to related to that Knicks player to make terrible puns.
Oh. It has to related to that Knicks player to make terrible puns. I see.

To celebrate the March 1 launch of Rift last year, Trion Worlds is kicking off a one-year anniversary extravaganza. Seriously, what else did you expect the company would do? From February 29 until March 31, all players, Lite or subscribers, can experience everything that Patch 1.7 Carnival of the Ascended has to offer, from carnival games, additional raids and a special tabard.

Returning subscribers get their cake and eat it too. As if a party wasn’t enough, paying customers will have special reasons to login during the weekends. Every kind of XP will be increased at some point during the month, PvP perks will jump, dungeon loot will fill your digital coffers and rift rewards will reign from the sky.

I’m tempted to call it a publisher-promoted exploit.

Furthermore, all players that previously subscribed – yours included – are invited back from March 8-14 for a free week. This coincides with the PvP perks weekend. Character level doesn’t matter, all toons will be unlocked in hopes of sucking us back in. Conveniently, that coincides perfectly with my Spring Break.

Finally, Solidkieron will be able to show her true stripes.