RIFT Holiday Bonuses

Starting tomorrow, RIFT will be going on sale for $4.99  and Trion will be giving subscribers a very nice XP bonus all the way until Jan 2nd.  The bonus will give all RIFT subscribers a 15% XP boost for the following activities:

  • Experience from kills
  • Favor from kills
  • Prestige from kills
  • Plaques of Achievement
  • Marks of Ascension
  • Planarite

So if you’re looking to start a new alt character, this is the perfect time to do it.

RIFT has been doing similar promotions in the last few months, giving away RIFT for free just a month ago, as they try to keep and build up their player-base in preparation for the SWTOR launch.  However at least in the short term it seems inevitable that players are going to move away from RIFT and give SWTOR a try. Courtesy of RIFTStatus.net we can clearly see that server populations is down for this week.


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  1. Why I never pay a dime on games unless it is single player title. 1.) Everything eventually goes F2P or dies (except the retarded kid in the pool, WoW, but wow is brain dead) or
    2.) Private servers. Better community, better experience, just better. Same game, feuled by interested gamers, not greedy CEO’s,

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