RIFT on Sale for Free!

How’s 100% off for a sale? Today Trion announced their Thanksgiving Day sale and are giving away copies of RIFT for free.

Looks like Trion’s usual sale price of $4.99 wasn’t low enough to entice gamers, so they dropped the cost completely. The Ashed of History Edition is also on sale for $10.00.

You know the first step to making a game free-to-play is to make the game free, so check-mark that. Honestly who is going to buy this game once the sale ends? No one, so I foresee in the near future RIFT being free permanently.

While TRION recently stated they have absolutely no plans currently to go F2P, giving your game away for free is a pretty big step. I mean WoW has been out for 7 years and they still charge new players for the game. RIFT’s only been out for 9 months or so and it’s already free. I’ll put my money on RIFT going F2P before its two year anniversary.


  1. “Choosing a subscription is required for purchase.”
    Means that you can’t get a game key for free without investing $15 for the month. Which is fair, but you only find out after a Trion account has been made.

    Just FYI

  2. And yet they keep saying, in non-official ways of course (so no responsibility or proof needed), that the game keeps growing in sub numbers…

    If your game was doing just fine, would you give it out for free? I doubt it, no matter how aggressive your marketing strategy might be.

    Anyway, yeah, it’s absolutely obvious that its only chance to survive, with SW:TOR and GW2 coming out (plus tons of other interesting MMOs) is to go F2P.

  3. So no free complimentary month, $15 for first month required.. so before if it wasnt on sale i pay 15 for the game and get the complimentary month. What trickery lol.

  4. Its too bad , they had such a great game … before they started messing with it. What many players say they want and what they pay for are not the same thing. They were warned about taking player and so called experts demands too seriously during beta. Now they have a glorious mess with lovely and sometimes grotesque graphics. One that caters to spoiled little boys who like to break things for fun.

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