Rift: Planes of Telara Invasion Trailer

Imagine you live in a world full of magic, dangers and mystery… maybe the average MMO world. In it, you’ll face many fights, solve problems, do a bunch of quests and all but, what if you add magic portals from where outer planes creatures appear, bringing fear and destruction to your beloved world?

That’s what is going to happen in Rift: Planes of Telara, from what we can see in this video. Looks like Trion Worlds wants to add some dynamic content to its game in the form of these invasions, coming from other planes. I suspect that those invasions will be some kind of public cooperating quests or events, where players will have to fight to close the rifts and save the area affected. What the video shows is that the whole world would change if the invasions succeed, maybe insinuating permanent changes in Telara, if players don’t close the rift?

Permanent changes based on what players do in an MMO are, perhaps, the ultimate gamers dream. Other games in development, like GW2 seem to be flirting with this concept as well, feeding the hype of millions of fans but, I’m not sure it will be that way. Anyway, having dynamic events, quests or whatever, where everyone playing can get the feeling of truly affecting the world they’re playing in, is awesome and exciting. If all Rift: Planes of Telara players will have to pay attention to what happens around them in Telara, watching a dynamic world that changes and saves surprises instead of doing the endless grind, then this MMO will have something important to say in the market.

For sure, you won’t be playing these dynamic events all the time, the work needed to offer such a huge content daily for everyone would be impossible, but if from time to time we get to see these cool events, I think we can be satisfied. In my opinion, this is the how all major MMOs should be in the future.

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  1. Sounds interesting. Dynamically generated content is the holy grail of MMO concepts and I would love to see other MMO’s add this.

    It was one of the points I loved about Tabula Rasa .. random takeovers of bases and invasions.

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