Rift: Podcast 25

Many of you surely have been following the Rift Podcast already. For those of you who didn’t know about it, we bring to you today the latest one released: Podcast 25, where the betas are discussed along with overall state of this upcoming MMORPG. Here at mmocrunch.com we’ve been following its progress and even participated in some of the Beta Events and we are sure you’ll enjoy hearing Kaelistis, Ananiah and Aimgar’s opinions and impressions about Rift: Planes of Telara overall state.

Subjects like crafting, Invasions, recent changes and what would be needed to keep improving what seems like a game that could mark the difference are discussed in these release of the Rift Podcast and will enlighten if you didn’t have access to a Beta Key, or maybe confirm your own impressions if you have taken part on any or all the events. With the next Rift Beta Event so close we can only hope things keep improving and getting better and better.