Rift Podcast Quests With "Dead Simon"

Trion Worlds keeps working on the developement of Rift: Planes of Telara. This MMO looks great and could be the next major one in the market when it launches. Its website is such a good one and I really recommend all Fantasy MMOs fans to check it out.

The official page features a podcast and this time they talk about questing with Simon “Dead Simon” Ffinch. It’s interesting cause they explain everything about quests, including the Reputation Questing, something the commnunity was curious about.

Here’s a summary for the content of the Podcast:

  • There are multiple storylines – each faction expresses their own views on events around Telara through their own storyline.
  • Quests will be available in solo, group, and raid difficulty.
  • Souls will be obtainable through Quests – difficulty will vary
  • The new revamp of the starting areas has been designed to draw the player into the story more
  • There are multiple ways for people to stay busy once they reach level cap
  • Away with Access Quests! No plans to have them currently at release.
  • Putting the MM back in MMO: The only instances around are the Dungeons.
  • Guild Quests: What types? How difficult?
  • He also touches on Dynamic Quests, Epic Quests, Daily Quests, Hidden quests, Endgame Content and quite a bit more.

So interesting. I can’t wait for Rift: Planes of Telara to launch. For now, we can have a sneak peak at quests in the Official Podcast. Check it out at the official podcast site.