Rift Pre-Order and Collector's Edition Freebies Revealed

If you’ve been following Rift: Planes of Telara and have been as impressed as we are with its beta and just need a little more push before committing to the game, well you’re in luck! Trion Worlds promises to shower you with freebies once you pre-purchase a standard or Collector’s Edition box of this plane-bending MMO.

A standard box pre-order will get you a free mount of your choice: a petrifying Cockatrice Chick, a devious Deep One Spawnling or a spunky Hellhound Pup. You also get an exclusive elemental weapon enchantment depending on which retailer you patronize.

Steam, for example, unlocks a Blazing Sourcestone Rune that imbues flame to your weapon and adds fire resistance to your stats. Other major stores like Amazon, Best Buy, Direct2Drive and Gamestop offer a different elemental weapon enchantment so just shop around based on convenience or your favorite Pokemon. (Pikachu fans, head to Gamestop for your electric fix!)

Meanwhile, when you pre-order the swankier Collector’s Edition box, you stand to get all the perks of the standard box plus more premium swag.

There’s the Ancient Tartagon Mount, a turtle mount that bucks its species’ sluggishness and lets you travel 60% faster at level 20. You’ll also be given a backpack-expanding Collector’s Satchel for storing more items while adventuring, and a Bogling Wastrel pet to serve as a lookout for those dangerous rifts that come out of nowhere.

As a Collector’s Edition owner, you also get customized gaming gear like a free 8GB USB drive and SteelSeries gaming mouse pad etched with Fire Rift art, both of which lets your parental units know they need to blame a new game for your insomnia.

The Rift CE rounds out the freebies with a bonus 17-track soundtrack CD and Telara Chronicles hardbound book, which is basically a compilation of the graphic novel miniseries explaining the story behind the game.

Overkill much? Not really. These Rift Pre-Order and Collector’s Edition freebies, simply try to match the lavish offers we’ve seen in the past (See: Cataclysm CE) But are we still excited for it? Absolutely! It’s not every MMO where you can ride a two-headed turtle and look both comfy and cool.