Rift Reveals Greenscale Raid as Head Start Comes to a Close

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In preparation for their big day on Tuesday, Trion Worlds has unveiled an exciting new raid in the form of Greenscale’s Blight. With Rift’s newest raid, parties of Ascended are tasked with navigating the twisting maze of the dragon’s lair, taking care to avoid the pestilent plant life that has long overgrown its halls. A word for the wise: hold your breath!

The great green wyrm has astounding strength, and exhales poison so virulent, all the victim’s organs race to break down. The lethal plants of the Life Plane sprout where he wills, each of which sporting a unique and agonizing way to kill. Though in the Age of Dragons he preferred to stomp cities to the ground personally, Greenscale has no compunction against bombarding enemies from the air.

This update is the last of Trion’s pre-launch reveals, and with the final release of Rift, we’ll be visiting our neighborhood Greenscale sooner rather than later. I’ll just bring a change of pants. Or two.