RIFTconnect Launched

Trion Worlds, developers of the MMORPG RIFT,  today launched their new in-game social media feature RIFTconnect, which will connect in-game players to social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Youtube. Players, while still in-game, will be able to send messages, take videos or screenshots and upload them to their social media platform of choice or all at the same time if they choose.

RIFTconnect, making it possible to bug your family and friends by showing them how you play RIFT all day.  Jokes aside, I think this is a pretty cool feature and I can see it being extremely useful for guilds that want to update their fellow guildies while they aren’t in-game.  Checkout more information about RIFTconnect on the official RIFT website.

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  1. I never liked MMO features that tie my in-game activities to my social networking accounts. This type of thing might be good for very active raiders who want to share guild activities, as you mentioned. However, I see the potential privacy issues stemming from these features as a stronger possibility.

    Given some of the not-so-nice people I’ve encountered in online gaming, I’d rather not give them a way to discover personal details about me based on my characters’ achievements. Granted, those people are a small minority, but it’s still a concern.

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