Rounding Up the April Fools

Since it’s that time of year again, I thought I’d round up the April Fool’s jokes that are related to MMOs or MMO developers. Feel free to comment with any that I’ve missed.

As always, Blizzard have attacked on multiple fronts – beginning with truly the greatest use of a “bar” since MMOs were invented. Presenting, the World of Warcraft EPEEN.

Also from Blizzard comes the best and brightest way to interface with – the reality twisting Neural Interface!

Despite not being related to MMOs themselves, Blizzard’s final two April sensations deserve honourable mentions as well – the Diablo X-Treme Gamer Blanket and the Blackthorne 2: Thorne Harder mobile game.

On the more independent front, the GMs of Wurm Online bring us something in between a moral encouragement to not judge by appearances and a drug-induced hallucination typed up.

Finally, posted earlier today by Brian we have the crafty tale spinners at BioWare bringing nightmares to life with their (hopefully) fictional Sarlacc Enforcer class for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

May I finally learn how to recognise these pranks before becoming curious, excited or terrified before next year.


  1. League of Legends pulled a half april fools joke. They announced a new champ called uft the manatee and talked him up for several weeks, including his trusty spatula, black belt, and minigun. Then today they announced that he was tragically killed. And they coincidentally released a new skin for the carnivorous werewolf character, that of warwick wearing a manatee hide has a coat.
    The skin costs 50 rp (40 cents or thereabouts) today, but it will slowly increase up to 5000 rp ($40 or thereabouts) on the last day they offer it.
    i love this game.

  2. Diablo III’s Xtreme Gamer Blanket wasn’t the only April’s Fool for D3 Blizzard, there was also a “Diablo III’s Deckard Cain GPS Voice Pack” which was pretty hilarious (Sanple 3-4-5 are the best)

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