Rumor: Guild Wars 2 Closed Beta Begins in November?

While ArenaNet has not stated when closed beta will begin for Guild Wars 2, they did say it would be before the end of 2011. However today we have a fresh new rumor that closed beta testing will begin by November.

It seems a French gaming site has translated a Korean press release that was discussing the fact that ArenaNet would have a presence at G-Star, Korea’s largest gaming expo, and showing off more footage of Guild Wars 2 on Nov 10th -13th. ┬áMentioned in the press release was a statement that ArenaNet would be present at the expo “following the start of the Beta West“.

Keep in mind this was translated from Korean to French to English, so something could have been lost in translation.

ArenaNet has not confirmed or denied this thus far, however seeing how there’s only 3 months left in the year, this rumor has a 33.3% chance of being accurate.

Source: HunterInsight


  1. From what I see, the French to English translation is accurate, so only the first step remains in doubt.

    If this is true, it would indeed be an earlier than expected beta in my opinion. I would have guessed early December or even after the holidays, no matter what they said about starting it this year.

    Anyway, very good news… hope it’s going to be confirmed! :)

  2. Aren;t we still waiting for the last class to be revealed? Another caster type if I remember right. Hopefully that comes soon as well.

  3. Yea, found it (from gw2 wiki):

    There is one scholar profession left to be revealed; it’s confirmed to be a returning Guild Wars profession.[9] This last profession is “kind of complex and definitely plays differently than other professions” [10], and will also best fulfill the expectations of mesmer fans. [11] It is said it will be revealed before the end of the year. [12]

  4. I imagine ANet will be keen to either back or quash this rumour at the Eurogamer expo in London this weekend. It’s one of the questions I’ll be putting to them, anyway.

  5. Actually, it is more likey for the Beta to start in late October or November than December, so it has more than 50% chance of being correct, whether the news is real or fake :)

  6. C’mon Arenanet. Give us the Mesmer already.

    PvP gods.
    Sexy outfit.
    Sexier underwear.
    Cool ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ masks.
    Sick DoT and Conditions.
    Armor-ignoring damage.
    Lightning-speed casting.
    Awesome patron goddess(es): Lyssa.

    I know some changes have to be made for GW2, but the overall feel of the character *must* be faithful to the GW1 version.

  7. I’m struggling to get behind the math of 33.3%. Are we saying each month left in the year adds an 11.1% chance of the rumor being true?

    Or are we splitting 100% into 3 months?

    If this story broke in late October, would it have a 50% shot of being true?

    Seriously. The number of months left in the year has absolutely no bearing as to whether or not ArenaNet will go into closed beta with GW2. I’m not even sure why you included such nonsense.

    Community Manager Martin Kerstein has confirmed a closed beta by year’s end, too. Based on the amount of time I’ve wasted writing this comment, I’d say it’s up to 95.2324%.

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