Runescape Takes Wilderness and Free Trade Back

MMOs are games that are always changing and evolving. Sometimes, those changes are for good and the community of the game is happy with them, but sometimes not. Usually, MMOs remove some features, while the devs try to create a better game. Looks like Runescape is taking back two features from the past: Wilderness and Free Trade. After a referendum made by Jagex Games Studio, over 1,2 million players voted and an astounding majority wanted those two features back.

Wilderness is a form PKing (player-killing) ┬áin Runescape, very appropriate; Free Trade allows players to give their friends gifts and access to unrestricted trade. These changes will come along with this month’s update, for the joy of many players. Newbies, you better run now that Wilderness comes back.

The new update brings other features, as stated on the press release:

  • The new, revenant-filled Forinthry Dungeon, where the revenants drop all the unique PvP gear previously found on the PvP and Bounty Hunter Worlds.
  • Limitless staking for members.
  • Improved Chaos Elemental drops (and a chaotic new look).
  • Faster respawn times on the Wilderness runite rocks.
  • Unlimited party room drops.
  • Outside of the Wilderness, gravestones will have their timers increased, and repair/bless costs will be reduced to 0.

Gnomes are getting some love as well. With the new update, they will see a graphical improvement, with new chat heads, models and statues. The devs say gnomes will be be one of the best looking races of Runescape. To celebrate it, a new sequel to the gnome storyline will be added: The Prisoner of Glouphrie. That adventure will put your skills to the test, pushing you to solve puzzles as you explore a fabled city, giving you awesome rewards if you complete the quest.

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Now that Runescape takes Wilderness and Free Trade back, after a referendum, we can say this game is quite democratic and the development team listens to the game community.