Rusty Hearts Enters Closed Beta

Today’s the big day for Rusty Hearts as they enter closed beta testing. For those of you with beta keys you can go ahead and register, and for those of you who don’t, well we still have a shit load of closed beta keys left, so feel free to grab one.

Rusty Hearts will be launching its closed beta test phase with a working in-game item shop and payment system, however don’t fret, Perfect World Ent. will be refunding all closed beta testers at the end of closed beta by returning their Zen (in-game currency) back to their Perfect World account. Keep in mind they won’t be refunding you your actual money, just resetting your in-game currently. ┬áSo if you decide you hate the game and spent a ton of money in CBT, they you’ll have to find another Perfect World game to spend it on.