Screenshot Of The Day: 4/30/10

Update: Much to my surprise, this screenshot is not of Gilneas. According to Bornakk this is actually a portion of the new Blasted Lands. While I know the changes to certain zones are extensive, this particular zone likes virtually unrecognizable! Of course, some people are speculating this is from the Tainted Scar area of the zone, so the whole of the Blasted Lands may not end up looking like this. Wouldn’t be surprised if the whole thing was being reclaimed by the nearby swamplands, though…

Today’s screenshot comes to us from what I can only assume is the macabre homeland of the Worgen. If Blizzard and Tim Burton had a baby, it’d probably end up looking a lot like Gilneas (and considering the clothing partnerships of both, expect to see expensive t-shirts sold at Hot Topic). Despite my joking cynicism, I think this is a pretty classy image. It takes the best of the game’s graphical updates and just mashes ’em right together. The shadowing adds a lot of atmosphere, and every time I see those new water effects, I continue to be amazed.

Blizzard’s always had the ability to create something visually and artistically attractive, even when working with aging engines like the one World of Warcraft runs on. As usual, you can see a larger version of the screenshot simply by clicking on the thumbnail below, or view all of the updates right from the official gallery.


  1. This made me think of Mirkwood in LOTRO. So odd…

    Anyway, I do have to wonder if the change to the Blasted Lands means that the portal isn’t leaking the Outlands into Azeroth anymore. Isn’t that why the ground is all red and whatnot? Something to do with the connection was making the Outlands leak. (sorry, that’s the best way to put it that I could think of) Obviously, the whole explosion probably caused a majority of the desolation, but if the Dead Scar is healing, what will happen to the areas with the red rock?

    It’s an interesting question. I’ll be glad to see more.

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