Screenshot Of The Day 5/3/10

Today’s screenshot features yet another clearly dangerous Goblin invention: the rocket sled! Clearly not up to code, this combustible contraption looks like a theme park ride gone horribly wrong. But what is its true purpose? For what reason could you possibly want to be launched into the wild, blue yonder above what appears to be Stonetalon Mountains?

I’d like to believe it was for some misguided assault on enemy territory, but knowing Goblins, there’s got to be some ulterior motive. Some way to make a quick buck in the business of providing thrills to the down-trodden masses of Kalimdor. What other ways will they come up with to the cut the strings on your coin-purse? Thousand Needles River Raft Rides? Nesingwary’s Wildlife Armageddon Shooting Gallery? Moroes’ Tear-filled Teacups of Doom?

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